Russia threatens Norway with Ugly Fallout



Russia on Wednesday cooperation with Norway and other countries, North Atlantic Treaty Organization Provocative, it warned that Norway’s efforts to bolster its military in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine this year were likely to be the death knell for Oslo-Moscow relations to move forward. There is

“Oslo is currently one of the most active countries supporting NATO’s Arctic engagement,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said Wednesday. Tas“Such developments near the Russian border are seen as Oslo’s deliberately pursuing a destructive course towards escalating tensions in the Euro-Arctic region and the eventual destruction of Russian-Norwegian relations. increase.”

In her statement, Zakharova also warned that any further “unfriendly behavior will be followed by a timely and appropriate response.”

News of Russia’s complaint against Norway came a day after Norway raised its military alert level in response to suspicious drone sightings. President Putin of RussiaThey accused Russia of flying drones illegally in Norwegian airspace and taking pictures in restricted areas, amid fears that Russia might attack critical infrastructure. Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gar Stoor Norwegian broadcaster NRK said it warned Russia to call it off.

NATO countries should be wary of Russian aggression in light of the war in Ukraine, Støre warned Monday.

“Today there is no reason to believe that Russia would want to involve Norway or any other country directly in the war,” Store said. “But the war in Ukraine requires all NATO members to be more vigilant.”

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Norway has hosted exercises before and has for years hosted rotating deployments of U.S. forces for Arctic training. Russia’s announcement comes just weeks after the US Air Force took part in combat Arctic joint training exercises with her NATO allies and the Norwegian Air Force at Öland Air Base in Norway, according to the US Department of Defense. The allies urged swift action across weapons platforms and systems to deter Russia along NATO’s eastern flank.

“In short, together we can better protect not only Norway and the Nordic countries, but Europe if the need arises,” Colonel Martin Tesri, commander of the 132nd Air Force Base, said in a statement. about it.

The US Air Force’s 90th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron, deployed for the exercise, was also able to work with the Finnish Air Force, which is in the process of joining NATO in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Moscow’s warning appeared to be just Russia’s latest attempt to assert its own narrative as relations with Europe and the West continue to deteriorate.

This is not the first time Russia has attempted to raise the red flag against what it sees as provocations by European countries and cooperation with NATO. Before Moscow invaded Ukraine this year, Expansion of NATO membershipIt was established to counter threats from the Soviet Union, as a threat to Russia. Kremlin maintains Russia has recently repeatedly said that Ukraine’s interest in joining a military alliance poses a threat to Russia.

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Russia’s attacks on Ukraine and European countries represent “the most serious security policy situation we have experienced in decades,” Stre stressed.

Norway has been working to protect Ukraine from Russian aggression since the start of the war. The country imposed sanctions on the Russian government and provided military aid to Ukraine to force Moscow to end the war. personal protective equipment, including armored vehicles.

Oslo is also aiming to increase its military budget. Just last month, according to Defense Minister Björn Arild Graham, Norway proposed to increase next year’s defense budget by nearly 10%. Part of the increase will go to weapons for Ukraine’s defense against Russia.

“Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine is a threat to Norwegian and European security. The war already has significant political, economic and humanitarian implications for security,” said Graham. “The need for military assistance to Ukraine is necessary, extensive and time sensitive. This budget will strengthen the military and support Ukraine.”

Norway also supports the training of Ukrainian soldiers, along with the UK, and has pledged to provide over $1.1 billion (USD) in financial support to Ukraine over the next two years.

Norway isn’t the only country Russia has protested in recent days.end of last month Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Russia has announced that Moscow sees no point in maintaining diplomatic ties with large Western powers.

Lavrov said Russia would rather focus its world diplomacy on countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia, rather than cooperating with Western countries.

“We will shift the ‘center of gravity’ to countries that are ready to cooperate with us on equal and mutually beneficial terms and are ready to look for promising joint projects,” Lavrov said. .

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