Russia voted in favor of resolution condemning actions in Ukraine

Ukraine’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Serhii Kyslytsia, said on amending UN resolutions to combat the glorification of Nazism: [Draft Resolution on Combating glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices that contribute to fuelling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance – ed.] It essentially condemns Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine.

sauceBy: Serhii Kyslytsia, ON Facebook When twitter

Quote: “For years (since 2005) Russia has tried to secure a vote in the UN General Assembly on a resolution purported to counter neo-Nazi glorification. Are you there?

But the draft resolution has been twisted and manipulated by the Russians. That is why Ukraine and the US have always voted against it. Russian propaganda falsely claims that Ukraine and the US do not condemn Nazism.

It’s a cheap trick for Russian audiences.”

detail: Kyslytsia pointed out that things are different this year.

Russia submitted a draft resolution during the session of the UN General Assembly’s Third Committee (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural).

quotes from kislizia: “Thanks to the work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the Permanent Representative to the United Nations, we not only voted in favor of the misleading resolution, but also introduced a strong resolution. Add newIt speaks for itself:

‘[The UN] [n]Warning that the Russian Federation is seeking to justify its territorial aggression against Ukraine on the basis of claims to eliminate neo-Naziism, and the pretext of using neo-Naziism to justify territorial aggression emphasizing that it would seriously undermine any genuine attempt to combat the

Frankly, that means the following: Enough of the lies, no one believes the nonsense about “Ukrainian neo-Nazism” anymore.

But the most interesting thing is that even though this amendment was adopted, Russia fell into a trap by being forced to vote in favor of the resolution… hence Russia’s own actions. is blaming. And it voted. “

detail: Ukraine’s Permanent Representative to the UN said Ukraine had guaranteed the vote. EU countries Taking Ukraine’s side has been noted at the highest level in the UN General Assembly.


“…to what extent will the Russian media cover Nebenzha’s grand vote on a resolution denouncing Russia and against territorial aggression against Ukraine?” Kislizia wrote on Telegram. [Vasily Nebenzya is Russia’s Permanent Representative at the UN – ed.]

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