Russia warns that Ukrainian troops have drifted mines deployed in the Black Sea

Russia officially states that many mines placed in the Black Sea by Ukrainians to counter the invasion of Moscow are no longer attached to their anchors and may drift towards the Bosphorus and the Mediterranean. Issued a maritime warning. ..

At a press conference on Saturday, the Federal Security Service (FSB) of the Russian Federation said the Ukrainian Navy had laid mines near the ports of Odessa, Ochakiv, Chernomorsk and Yuzny, the state news agency TASS reported. According to the FSB, the mine was built by the Soviet Union in the first half of the 20th century.

The cable connecting the mine and the anchor was broken due to the storm, and the mine is now freely drifting in the western part of the Black Sea, pushed by wind and tides. The FSB added that the mine could float towards the Bosphorus and the Mediterranean, given the current direction of flow.

The FSB has accused Ukraine of installing land mines and said the Ukrainian army has made international law “totally ignorant” and ignoring human life.

Russia’s Black Sea Fleet issued a landmine danger warning on March 18, TASS reported.

The Hague Convention of 1907 (The Hague VIII) on the laying of automatic submarine mines prohibits the laying of automatic contact mines “only to disrupt commercial transport off the shores and ports of the enemy.” ..

“When adopting fixed automatic contact mines, all possible precautions must be taken for peaceful transport security,” part of the Convention states.

Andrii Klymenko, co-founder and editor-in-chief of the portal, Head of the monitoring group of the Black Sea Strategic Research InstituteCalled Russia’s claim[a]It is not dangerous disinformation from the enemy side. “

“The real danger at sea: Russia has replaced the recommended route from the Bosphorus to Odessa and reported that these are Ukrainian mines,” he said. Written on Facebook..

Mr. Klimenko said he believes the warning is to block commercial transport in the Black Sea.

“This requires NATO’s permanent mine control group to be deployed immediately in the Black Sea!” He wrote.

“I would like to reiterate. According to Black Sea News sources, we are discussing the recommended route for commercial vessels from the Bosphorus to Odessa, mining by the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. This is a” Ukrainian mine blown away by a storm. “It’s covered in lies about,” he added.

“In principle, keep in mind that it is impossible to count mines drifting in a storm. Only the person who installed them can do this.”

Mimi Nguyen Lee


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