Russia will perform military exercises in the Black Sea by ship, aircraft in tension

Russia has conducted military training at a naval base in the Black Sea in southern Ukraine, targeting about 10 fighter and ship crew members targeting virtual enemy warships, according to the Black Sea Fleet news agency.

“The crew of the Su-27SM3 and Su-30M2 fighters of the Southern Military District mixed aviation unit stationed in the Krasnodar region conducted a training flight over the Black Sea. Russia’s state media agency said in a statement. So, as a feature of this stage of the training flight, the fighter crew exerted unity in the integrated operation and launched an attack on the enemy’s ground target. ” Reported by TASS..

In the course of the combat training event, the military worked with the Black Sea Fleet to practice how to respond to enemy air raids on training flights in the Black Sea area, the statement said.

The Russian Black Sea Fleet is based in Crimea, which Moscow annexed from Ukraine in 2014. Kiev wants to return it to Russia.

Military training at the same time that US Army Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley spoke on the phone with Russia’s chief officer, Valerie Gerasimov, on Tuesday as tensions over Ukraine increased between Moscow and Washington. Is done.

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General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, will discuss the end of military operations in Afghanistan and plans for future counterterrorism operations at Capitol Hill in Washington on September 28, 2021 at the Senate Military Commission. (Patrick Semansky / Pool / Getty Images)

Ukraine, along with its ally, the United States, said Russia may be preparing for an invasion after reports of Russia’s anomalous military activity.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken earlier referred to the allegations made by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense this month, saying the United States is concerned about the report. 90,000 Russian troops It is stationed near the border with Russia. Blinken said the situation was being monitored “very closely”.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters Tuesday that media coverage of Russia’s plans to invade Ukraine was a “empty and unfounded” escalation of tension. TASS report.

Meanwhile, Ukraine held what is called a “special operation” on Wednesday at the border with Belarus. This includes drone exercises and military exercises against tanks and paratroopers.

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On November 23, 2021, Ukrainian Air Force fighters took off during training in the Mykolaiv region of southern Ukraine. (Distribution via Ukrainian Air Force Command / Reuters)

The European Union has deployed an additional 8,500 troops on the border with Belarus for fear of being involved in an illegal immigration crisis accusing Minsk of flying people from the Middle East and entering neighboring Poland. Belarus denies contributing to the crisis.

Kiev is also concerned that the border with Russia’s close ally, Belarus, could be used by Russia to carry out military attacks.

Isabel van Brugen and Reuters contributed to this report.

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