Russia will re-provide North Korea’s Covid vaccine as the crisis worsens

North Korean Prime Minister Kim Jong Un speaks at the June main conference

Recently, Prime Minister Kim Jong Un officially admitted that the country is facing a food shortage.

Russia has re-provided North Korea’s Covid vaccine in reports that a severe blockade has led to extreme hunger.

Pyongyang has refused vaccines and aid from many countries.

Instead, it closed the border to prevent the virus, which affected trade with China. Food, fertilizer and fuel depend on Beijing.

Kim Jong Un admits that the country is facing a food shortage and describes the situation as “tension.”

He commented last month, telling citizens to prepare for the “worst result ever” that caused a comparison with the deadly famine of the 1990s.

International trade sanctions are believed to put more pressure on food supply.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) says the country could face a serious shortage as early as next month.

According to the report, FAO predicts that North Korea will not be able to produce enough grain to feed its population this year.

“Without commercial imports and food aid, households could experience a tough lean period from August to October,” a UN agency said.

The graph shows that trade between North Korea and China will decline in 2020

The graph shows that trade between North Korea and China will decline in 2020

Russia has previously told North Korea that “not everyone can tolerate unprecedentedly strong and comprehensive restrictions,” Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Wednesday how many times Moscow vaccinated Pyongyang. Also provided.

He also repeated the offer to provide vaccines when the country needed them.

North Korea states that there are no cases of Covid, a alleged allegation by experts.

Last week, senior officials Fired in an unspecified “serious incident” It is believed to be related to the virus.

North Korean media later named him Ri Pyong-chol, the highest military officer.

Kim Jong Un also accused senior officials of the Covid-19-related revocation, according to North Korean media reports last month.

This was a rare sign of the seriousness of the pandemic in North Korea.

State news agency KCNA said Kim had negligently accused senior officials at a specially convened party leaders’ meeting.

As a result, according to his comment in Korean, they “caused a serious incident that poses a great risk to the security of people and the country.”

Without the vaccine, it is unclear how and when North Korea will ease border restrictions and grant food and aid to the country.

China and South Korea are one of many countries that have previously provided jabs to Pyongyang.

However, there are doubts about the country’s ability to store and distribute them.

Global Vaccine Sharing Initiative Gabi said in May Due to lack of “technical readiness”, the shipment of about 2 million AstraZeneca vaccines to North Korea was postponed indefinitely.

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