Russia will respond if NATO installs infrastructure in Finland and Sweden


Moscow-President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that Russia would respond in kind if it deployed troops and infrastructure to Finland and Sweden after NATO joined the US-led military alliance.

“Sweden and Finland are not as problematic as Ukraine. President Putin told Russian state television after meeting with regional leaders of the former Soviet Union Turkmenistan in Central Asia.

“But they need to understand that there was no threat before, but now if military contingents and infrastructure are deployed there, we will respond in-kind and threaten us. Must create the same threat in the area where it was created. “

He said that relations between Moscow and Helsinki and Stockholm inevitably worsen their accession to NATO.

“Everything was fine among us, but now there can be tensions, and certainly it will,” he said. “If we have a threat, it is inevitable.”

Putin commented after NATO member Turkey lifted the veto of Finland and Sweden to join the alliance, after the three countries agreed to protect each other’s security.

This move means that Helsinki and Stockholm will be able to proceed with NATO membership applications.

What President Putin calls a “special military operation” in Ukraine remains the same, with the goal of “liberating” the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine and creating conditions to ensure Russia’s security. Added.

He said Russian troops were advancing in Ukraine and military intervention was proceeding as planned. He said he didn’t have to set a deadline for the end of the campaign.