Russian Air Force Attempts To Bomb Ukraine, Has Very Hard Day At Border




Russia’s Bryansk region witnessed an apocalyptic spectacle on Saturday when four military planes were blown out of the sky near the border, killing more than a dozen servicemen.

Officially, authorities claimed the Mi-8 helicopter crashed due to a mysterious engine fire, but videos shared by locals on social media showed a missile hitting the helicopter just before it exploded. was

Almost simultaneously with the helicopter crash, an Su-34 fighter also crashed out of the sky in flames. In the town of Krynci, residents were seen gathering in nearby woodland and staring in horror at the burning wreckage of a jet plane.

Separately, Russian media reported that another Mi-8 helicopter and Su-35 jet were shot down in the area.

Russian Kommersant The newspaper reported that all crew members on all four planes were killed. Meanwhile, Russian officials have remained silent about the simultaneous catastrophe, confirming only one helicopter crash.

according to Kommersantall four were tasked with attacking the Chernihiv region of Ukraine, with helicopters assigned to support the fighters.

But apparently they were shot down instead. At least nine Russian soldiers were killed, according to Baza.

Authorities in the region are now said to be desperately searching for the Ukrainian “saboteurs” who shot down the plane, but paranoia over Ukraine’s acquisition of new long-range cruise missiles has led Russia to Some have questioned whether they actually shot down their own aircraft.

Pro-war Russian military bloggers are now demanding retaliation for an “ambush” by Ukrainian forces against the Russian air force.

“It is the first time since March last year that our airlines have suffered losses like today,” complained the pro-Kremlin telegram channel.

Another war promotion channel said, “We will take revenge on everyone, kill them all.”

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