Russian army strengthens grip in two of the largest cities

Reuters video

Kharkiv city in Ukraine bombed by Russia

Story: Ukrainian officials said civilians were killed on Monday as Russian artillery attacked a residential area in Kharkov, Ukraine’s second largest city. The attack took place when Russian and Ukrainian officials met at the Belarusian border, but there was no breakthrough. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said the number of civilian casualties has increased as he demanded immediate accession to the European Union. Within just four days, Russian bombardment killed 16 Ukrainian children. Forty-five children were injured. With each crime, a bombardment from a resident against us, we and our partners become more and more united. The biggest attacks on European nations since World War II failed to make the decisive early profits that Russian President Vladimir Putin would have hoped for. However, Kharkov in northeastern Ukraine has become a major battlefield. Officials said Russian artillery attacked the residential area, despite the lack of Ukrainian positions and strategic infrastructure. At the United Nations, the Moscow ambassador denied the report. VASSILYNEBENZIA (Russia): “Russian troops do not threaten Ukrainian citizens and do not bombard civilian areas.” In Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, an explosion was heard before dawn. Both men and women appeared at the Private Territorial Defense Center on Monday to register and receive their weapons. Kyiv Resident, 32 years old, DMITRIY (not given a family name), (Russian): “We are here because people we are not happy to see open my door And because I knocked. And I believe that anyone who can resist must do so. Despite the extraordinary resistance of the Ukrainian people, Putin is a sign that he will end the invasion he unleashed on Monday. The west side was rejected as a “lie empire” without showing. US authorities are expecting Russian troops. With a slow advance in the Ukrainian capital, to warn them that they could be more aggressive from frustration and try to surround Kyiv in the next few days. Satellite images showed a Russian convoy approaching Kyiv, extending more than 40 miles on Monday.