Russian bombardment in Kyiv intensifies as EU leaders head to the Ukrainian capital to meet Zelensky

Russian artillery in Kyiv took place on Tuesday morning when leaders of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia set out on a train trip to the Ukrainian capital on a European Union mission to meet with the highest leaders of Ukraine. Intensified.

“It is our duty for the world to be in a place where history is built in such a critical time,” said Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Moravietski. Said in a statement Announcing a trip to Kyiv that was kept secret for security reasons.

“It’s not about us, it’s about the future of our children who deserve to live in a world without tyranny,” he added, adding that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin’s “special military operation” in Ukraine. Called the act of “criminal aggression.”

In his message, Mr. Morawicki quoted an ominous warning from Poland’s deceased former president Lech Kaczynski about the risks of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

“The time for my country will come for Georgia today, Ukraine tomorrow, the day after the Baltic Sea, and perhaps Poland,” Morawicki quoted Kachinsky, who now has the deceased former president as the capital of Georgia. I mentioned when I traveled to Tbilisi. To give his support to national leaders during Russia’s invasion of Georgia 14 years ago.

Polish Prime Minister Mateushmoraviecki
Polish Prime Minister Mateushmoravietski spoke at a press conference in Budapest, Hungary on October 12, 2021. (BernadettSzabo / Reuters)

Heading to Kiif with Moraviecki are Prime Minister Petr Fiara of Czech Republic, Prime Minister Janez Janša of Slovenia, Deputy Prime Minister of Security of Poland and conservative ruling party, leader of law and justice, Jaroslaw Kaczynski.

Morawicki Another statement The delegation plans to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Prime Minister Denys Shmyhali.

“Europe must guarantee Ukraine’s sovereignty and promise to cooperate in rebuilding the country,” he said.

A series of strikes struck Kyiv’s homes and subway stations hours before Morawicki announced his trip, according to emergency services and mayor Vitali Klitschko.

“Enemy continues to attack Kyiv” Klitschko Written in the message On his official telegram channel.

He said two skyscrapers in the Sviatoshyno district, one skyscraper in the Podil district, and a single-family home in an unspecified location were attacked.

“The entrance to a subway station was damaged by a shock wave. There are casualties in the residential building,” he said, and details of the casualties have not yet been revealed, he said, with rescuers and medical personnel. He added that he was working in the field.

Ukrainian paramedics later said two people were killed in a single bombardment of a skyscraper. according to Interfax Ukraine.

Epoch Times Photo
Firefighters are working at the site of the bombing of an apartment building in Kyiv, Ukraine on March 15, 2022. (FelipeDana / AP Photo)

Klitschko Follow-up message The curfew is imposed on Kyiv from 8 pm on March 15th and lasts until 7 am on March 17th. It is unclear whether the curfew is related to EU politicians’ visits to Kyiv.

“Today is a difficult and dangerous moment,” Klitschko wrote. He added that moving around the city during the curfew would require a special pass, except when evacuating to a shelter.

“I ask all millet people to be prepared for the fact that they have to stay home for two days, or in the case of an alarm, they have to be in shelter.”

Mr. Morawicki quotes European Council President Charles Michel and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen as he and other leaders are traveling in agreement with the European Union. Said. He added that the United Nations had been informed about the visit.

Michal Dworczyk, head of the Morawiecki office, Said in a statement The visit was planned for several days, but was kept secret for security reasons. Dworczyk said the train carrying the delegation crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border around 10 am local time, about an hour ago.

Dworczyk said in Another statement Proposals for specific assistance to Ukraine will be presented to national leaders.

Klitschko, Follow-up messageCalled on a Ukrainian man who had left Kyiv to return to protect the capital “instead of sitting somewhere and sympathizing.”

“Today, Kyiv, a symbol of Europe’s freedom and security and an outpost, we will not give up! Never kneel!” He wrote.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which the Kremlin calls a “special military operation” for “demilitarization and denagification,” entered its 20th day on Tuesday.

United Nations Say Nearly 3 million people have been expelled from their homes in a battle, an escape that European authorities have called Europe’s greatest refugee crisis since World War II.

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