Russian bomber shot down by Patriot system


The Ukrainian military shot down a Russian bomber using the Patriot air defense system.

sauce: revealed in a comment to CNN reported by anonymous representatives of the Department of Defense and the US Congress. European Pravda

detail: As mentioned earlier, the Russian plane targeted by the Patriot was about to launch a missile at a Ukrainian target.

No other air defense system operating in Ukraine has sufficient range for this type of mission.

U.S. officials said Ukrainians are making personal decisions about how to use the Patriots to protect themselves.

The Patriot is considered one of the most sophisticated US air defense systems used against aerial targets such as aircraft, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles. This typically includes a launcher along with radar and other ancillary equipment.

Earlier, media reported that a Russian attack on Tuesday night had damaged the Patriot air defense system. Ukraine and the US have begun discussing how best to fix the system.

The Pentagon said one of its Patriot systems in Ukraine was indeed damaged and has already been repaired.

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