Russian Court Orders Foreclosure of $ 7 Million With Google’s Russian Funds, Property: Report

A Moscow court ordered the seizure of Google’s assets and funds worth 500 million rubles ($ 7 million) in Russia, the news agency said. In a lawsuit over restrictions imposed on YouTube channels by a well-known television company by a US technology company.

Google at Alphabet Inc. did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

A Russian news agency reported that the incident was related to Gazprom Media Holding’s GPM Entertainment Television. The proceedings have filed a proceeding requiring Google to restore access to its YouTube account.

YouTube, which is blocking Russia’s state media globally, is under great pressure from Russian communications regulators and politicians.

Russia blocked other foreign internet companies, including Meta Platforms Inc.’s Facebook and Instagram, to fight to control the flow of information after sending tens of thousands of troops to Ukraine on February 24. .. YouTube is still available.

“GPM Entertainment Television’s allegations that provisional measures have been taken have been accepted,” Interfax quoted as the Moscow Arbitration Court said.

The measure includes “foreclosure of funds (including cash deposited in bank accounts) and all property and property owned by Google for a total of 500 million rubles.”

The RIA reported that the court dismissed the previous claim by GPM Entertainment Television on April 13.

Gazprom Media owns several major social media and television assets in Russia, some of which have benefited from the outflow and blockade of foreign internet companies.

($ 1 = 71.6750 rubles)