Russian forces refused to launch an attack due to heavy losses near Vuhledar

Troops of the so-called Russian Cossack detachment refuse to participate in offensive operations near Vredal in Donetsk Oblast due to heavy Russian losses.

sauce: Chief of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Facebook

Quote from General Staff: “So-called Volunteer Cossack detachment units attached to the 155th Marine Brigade of the Russian Pacific Fleet refuse to continue participating in the offensive operation due to a failed offensive near Vuhledar and heavy loss of personnel. increase.”


  • Soldiers of the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces and the 72nd Detachment Mechanized Brigade Destroyed Russian equipment and two captured Russian soldiers near Vuhledar on February 23.

  • On February 15, the Ukrainian Defense Intelligence Agency said that Russian losses were maximum Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion.

  • The War Research Institute said on February 14 that the deployment of conscripted military personnel by the Russian Armed Forces unlikely Create enough attack potential for large-scale and rapid mechanized attacks.

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