Russian foreign minister complains that US is ‘threatening’ to kill Putin

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov claimed that Pentagon representatives had threatened to carry out a “beheading attack” on the Kremlin.

sauce: Lavrov in an interview Tas

Quote: “Washington has gone the furthest, where some ‘unknown officials’ in the Pentagon have threatened to carry out ‘decapitation attacks’ on the Kremlin. In fact, this is a threat to physically eliminate the head of the Russian state.

If such an idea is actually hatched by someone, that someone should think very carefully about the possible consequences of such a plan.”

detail: Lavrov did not explain exactly who he was talking about.Russian media claims the foreign minister was referring to a Newsweek article published in late September. The article’s authors, citing military sources, reported that the US was considering a “beheading attack” on the Kremlin as one of its response options. Russia’s use of nuclear weapons.


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