Russian infighting calls for suicides and executions peak




It’s been a little over two weeks since then Vladimir Putin’s latest hail Maria In the war with Ukraine, things are going so well for the Russian leader that the draftsman rioted, his best allies pitted against each other over a string of losses, and his Defense Minister now himself is urged to blow his brains out by the team of… out.

“Yes, indeed, many people are saying…the Minister of Defense who allowed that situation to occur could have shot himself as an officer. The word “officer” is not clear, ”said one of Kherson’s Russian puppet leaders Said Thursday, the latest sign that a wheel has fallen off Russia’s war machine.

Kirill Stremsov joins the rapidly growing list Putin Supporters Openly Diverging recent Russia’s failure on the battlefield— and denounce the “worthless” Russian military brass for the humiliating fiasco.

After weeks of complaints by pro-Kremlin military bloggers, anger at the military has officially been brought to the fore: even some Russian lawmakers are lashing out at defense officials. Strict Military “stops lying” about war losses.

Propagandist Vladimir Solovyov, who interviewed Kartaporov, suggested that the “only solution” was to execute defense officials “guilty” of the growing setback.

It’s time to prepare for Putin’s biggest meltdown

Putin’s forced eviction of Russian troops from a territory that he boasted of being officially part of Russia just days ago was a slam dunk for the Kremlin due to Ukraine’s spectacular counterattack to reclaim land in the country. Not that a very public civil war happened at the worst possible time.

The meltdown also happens, very coincidentally, just in time for the Russian president’s birthday on Friday. The Kremlin says he will spend more than 800 miles from Belgorod in his native St. Petersburg. The “partial mobilization” has not gone according to plan, but is going very well.

President Putin announced across Russia that he would summon hundreds of thousands of people who could face death on the battlefield to stop Western powers from “weakening” and “dividing” the country. A mere two weeks after, his own army is apparently divided: a video emerged straight up rioting over a dysfunctional muster, with more than 100 draftees allegedly refusing to fight. .

An estimated 500 conscripts were filmed in Belgorod, and a video was widely shared on social media channels this week destroying President Putin’s chaotic “partial mobilization.” Evgeny Prigozhin was the Wagner Group’s puppet master, and human rights groups say he personally recruited hundreds of prison inmates to fight. Ukraine iswin this damned war” For Putin.

“Nobody needs us, absolutely zero preparation!” one of the draftsmen can be heard exclaiming in the video.

As if footage of the Russian military mocking its own leader wasn’t enough, the video was widely seen as evidence of further infighting behind the scenes between Putin supporters. . The video may have been leaked by Prigozhin himself to further denigrate top Russian defense officials he has openly criticized for the failure of the recent war, including Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. Alexey Slobodenyuk, a staff member of Prigozhin’s media project known for attacking Shoigu, arrested by Spetsnaz troops in Moscow.

But similar scenes are playing out elsewhere, and even a new law punishing deserters with prison terms of up to 10 years doesn’t seem to deter Russian conscripts from quitting the war. is.

More than 100 troops newly mobilized from Bryansk are now said to be refusing to go to the front.

“Where are they sending us? We have no experience, nothing,” said an anonymous draftsman. interview in the news outlet Sota, published Thursday.

The soldier said the military leadership intends to send about 100 men refusing to fight him to retake Lyman in the Donetsk region from which Russian forces were forced to withdraw last weekend. .

“About 100 people were sent there [before] One is alive and in the hospital,” the soldier said.

‘We’re screwed’: Vladimir Putin’s ‘great’ Russia plan just went up in smoke at Lyman

Aside from refusing to fight, many of the new armies Putin has mobilized seem more busy devouring each other than “defending the Motherland” that Russia’s leaders wanted. Residents of the city of Serpukov, Moscow region, are hesitant to leave their homes. Penza conscripts beat a lieutenant colonel accused of calling the “meat” of the massacre. Conscripts and conscripts were involved in large-scale brawls near Moscow that required police intervention. Mojem Obias Knit.

At least 10 Russian conscripts have died before taking the front line, according to local media reports. clearly On Thursday, 13 soldiers hijacked a Ministry of Defense vehicle and fled from the occupied military base in Kherson with weapons and ammunition in tow.

And not to mention the approximately 700,000 citizens who fled the country after Putin’s mobilization orders. Forbes Russia.

But even in the face of such losses, the Kremlin seems to prefer to stick with what they do best.

“I don’t even know what the Russian publication Forbes is,” says Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov Said Asked Thursday about the mass exodus. “Has it been published? Is there such a publisher?”

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