Russian invasion on schedule

A top spokesman for the Kremlin said on Monday that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was still on schedule and was “pre-approved” and “in time frame.”

“Russian troops are using the latest precision weapons and are only attacking military intelligence infrastructure facilities. All plans of Russian leadership will be fully implemented within a pre-approved period. That would be, “argued Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin. State media..

Peskov refused to comment on how long the war, which the Russian government described as a “special military operation,” would last. Peskov also appeared to disagree with a significant number of reports and claims from Ukrainian authorities that Russia was targeting private infrastructure, including hospitals.

U.S. military officials have repeatedly stated that the Russian invasion appears to have been slowed down or thwarted in some places by Ukrainian troops. Satellite images claiming to show a 40-mile long row of Russian armored vehicles remained outside Kyiv for over a week, but recent satellite images suggest that the rows are scattered. I did.

However, Peskov said Putin “actually instructed the Department of Defense to refrain from immediate attacks on large settlements, including Kyiv,” and Ukrainian military and nationalist fighters were in residential areas and He said he had deployed military equipment in densely populated areas.

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A Ukrainian soldier (L) walks in front of a destroyed apartment building after being bombarded in Kyiv, Ukraine, on March 14, 2022. (ArisMessinis / AFP via Getty Images)

His remarks were made after Victor Zorotov, chief of the National Guard of Russia, stated that the operation was slower than they had hoped.

“Not everything is going as fast as we want,” Zorotov said in a comment posted on the website of the National Guard of Russia. “But we are stepping towards our goals. We are on the way and the victory will benefit us. “

Meanwhile, Ukrainian government negotiator Mikairo Podryak said Russia had begun to speak “constructively” on Sunday, “negotiations. Fourth round. Peace, cessation, immediate withdrawal of troops.” And about security. “

He later said that discussions began, but were difficult because the political regimes of Russia and Ukraine were so different.

Russia believes that Russia “still has the delusion that 19 days of violence against (Ukraine’s) peaceful cities is the right strategy,” Podryak said.

On monday Report The number of explosions around Kyiv when Russian troops approached the capital. Ukrainian national emergency services said Obolon’s home was bombarded.

Moscow on Sunday launched a missile at a base near the border with Poland, a NATO member, on Sunday, which Britain called a serious escalation. Ukraine said 35 people had died, and Moscow said up to 180 “foreign mercenaries” had died and many foreign weapons had been destroyed.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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