Russian laser scientist died two days after being arrested for national treason with China


Russian scientist arrested in Siberia on suspicion of state last week Rebellion He flew to Moscow despite suffering from advanced pancreatic cancer, lawyers and family members said on Sunday.

Physicist Dmitry Colker, 54, was taken from a hospital bed, fed via a tube, and bundled into a four-hour or longer flight to Moscow. There, lawyers said he was taken to Lefortov prison and later died. A nearby hospital.

His cousin, Anton Dianov, told Reuters in the United States that the accusations against laser experts were ridiculous for betraying China’s state secrets.

“He was a scientist and loved his country. He worked in his country despite many invitations to work abroad from prestigious universities and research institutes. He wanted to work in Russia, where he wanted to teach students, “he said.

“These accusations are absolutely ridiculous, very cruel, and rarely imposed on such a sick person. They knew he was on his deathbed and arrested him. I chose to do it. “

Family members and lawyers said Colker was detained by the FSB’s security service and his home was searched.They said Rebellion Even if the content was approved by the FSB, the indictment (up to 20 years of judgment) was based on a lecture given by Colker in China.

Reuters did not receive an email reply to the comment request from the FSB.

Attorney Alexander Fedurov told Reuters that he tried to contact the authorities on behalf of Colker, but was separated from the FSB’s investigation department and prison.

He said he would file a legal complaint on the status of Colker’s detention on Monday.

On Saturday, state news agency TASS said Russia had detained a second scientist in Novosibirsk on suspicion of the country. Rebellion..

According to the Moscow Times, citing, 75-year-old Anatoly Maslov, a senior researcher at the Institute of Theoretical Applied Mechanics of the Siberian Chapter of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ITAM), said hypersound-related data had been transferred to China. It has been.

It was not clear if the two cases were related.

Many Russian scientists have been arrested and charged Rebellion In recent years, it is said that confidential materials have been handed over to foreigners. Kremlin critics say arrests often result from unfounded delusions.

Cousin Dianov said Colker was also a very skilled concert pianist and organist who played in both Russia and Europe.

“For me, someone who was producing such a beautiful thing wouldn’t have been able to blame him, and that’s the way I remember him,” he said. Said while saying. “That’s a dima for me and my family.”

Reuters contributed to this article.

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