Russian losses up to 200,000 soldiers, mostly from artillery fire – UK Ministry of Defense

Russian army losses reached 200,000

Russian army losses reached 200,000

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According to British intelligence, the level of Russian losses has increased significantly since September 2022, when “partial mobilization” was announced.

The Agency points out that by modern warfare standards, the Russian military has a very high death toll in terms of the ratio of dead to wounded.

British intelligence said this was almost certainly due to the very poor medical care of most personnel.

Reports say artillery caused most of the Russian losses.

The report also said that the Russian mercenary company Wagner had recruited a large number of prisoners, with casualties reaching 50%.

According to the Ukrainian General Staff, Russia has lost more than 141,000 troops since the invasion began in earnest.

On the other hand, the British Times speculates that: Russia loses at least 2,000 troops for every 100 meters of territory it advances in eastern Ukraine.

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