Russian military fires Kalibr missiles from the Black Sea


ALONA MAZURENKO – Monday, October 10, 2022, 10:50

The Russian military has launched several naval-based Kalibr cruise missiles from Black Sea waters in addition to previous massive missile and drone strikes against Ukraine.

sauce: Oleksandr Wirkl, Chief of Military Affairs of Krivi Lee telegram

Quote: “Shelter everyone! Caliber [missiles] It was launched from the Black Sea and turned in the direction of Krivie Rif. “

detail: The Krivi Ry Regional Military Administration reported that Russian forces launched 47 missiles from the Russian city of Astrakhan and that the missiles reached the province around 11:00 Kyiv time.

Iranian kamikaze drones have also been spotted over Ukraine. 8 aircraft came from Belarus. Near Mikolaiv. And in the Zhytomyr and Odessa regions.

Russian planes also fly low from Chaplinka [in the occupied territory of Kherson Oblast – ed.] Deep inside Ukraine. According to the head of the Mykolaiv Oblast Military Administration, Ukrainian air defenses are working, although they are numerous.

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