Russian money not behind the free convoy, says GoFundMe

According to crowdfunding platform GoFundMe, Russia testified in front of the House Finance Commission on Thursday, so it played no role in raising funds for the Freedom Convoy.

Liberal Party lawmaker Sophie Chatel said Russia “has been engaged in false information warfare for years” and “dark money circulating to undermine democracy” for $ 1 trillion. I said before the question to GoFundMe.

“So you’ll save $ 10 million from donors,” Chatel said, referring to the amount raised by GoFundMe before stopping fundraising to support the Freedom Convoy.

GoFundMe told the Finance Commission that 88% of the donations came from within Canada and were previously provided to the Public Safety Commission on March 3.

Chatel questioned whether the money really came mostly from Canadians.

“Because they know Russia and all other money launderers, they have bank accounts in all countries, even some shell companies, or even companies that look legitimate. What is the due diligence to look at other than? “

GoFundMe President Juan Benitez explained the various steps the company has taken, saying, “We have strengthened donation reviews and actively reviewed foreign sources, so policies related to those reviews. I am happy with the process. “

Another member of the Commission called Chatel for pursuing the Russian angle.

“In honor, I think one of my colleagues was a bit irresponsible to talk about speculation about the relationship with the Russian government,” conservative MP Philip Lawrence said, and then to GoFundMe about Russian donations. I asked.

“In your search, did you find a relationship between the Russian government and an illegal protest or blockage in the way you consider a deal?” Lawrence said.

“This campaign extensively considered the sources of donations … and most of the donations from Russia were virtually just a handful,” Benitez said.

“In our opinion and the evidence we have seen, there has been no coordinated effort to contribute or influence.”

Chatel defended the pursuit of Russia’s angle, saying that “disinformation warfare is absolutely realistic.” There is no doubt in our hearts. It tempts people to donate for causes that are detrimental to our democracy. “

The allegation that Russia is supporting Freedom Convoy, a cross-country movement calling for the removal of the COVID-19 restriction, was previously made by the state broadcaster CBC.

In late January, CBC hosts suggested Russia could support the opposition, but comments said. Fix..

The emergency law was enacted by the Liberal Party government on February 14 to curb protests and blockades related to the Free Convoy and was lifted on February 23.

Noe Chartier


NoƩ Charter is a Montreal-based Epoch Times reporter.