Russian Navy chases US Mount Whitney in the Black Sea

In this still image from the video, the US warship USS Mount Whitney passes through the Bosphorus Strait in Turkey on November 4, 2021. (Screenshot via Reuters / NTD)

Moscow — The Russian Navy has begun pursuing US Navy command vessels in the Black Sea, the news agency said Thursday in tension over NATO activities near the Russian border, citing the Defense Ministry.

“The Black Sea Fleet’s forces and means began monitoring the behavior of the command ship on Mount Whitney, which entered the Black Sea on November 4,” the TASS news agency quoted the Ministry of Defense.

The US Navy said on Monday that USS Mount Whitney would arrive in Istanbul and soon join forces with other ships in the Black Sea.

President Vladimir Putin said on Monday that Russian troops could “observe Mount Whitney with binoculars or a crosshair.” [their] Defense system. “

The Black Sea Fleet said on Tuesday that the ship had rehearsed to destroy enemy targets and that air defense systems were warned in Novorossiysk’s base and Crimea on the Black Sea Peninsula, where Russia merged from Ukraine in 2014.

Russia, which broke its ties with NATO last month, frequently complains about its near-border alliance and what it considers to be a post-Soviet sphere of influence.