Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov “assets transferred to irrevocable trust” may circumvent sanctions

Russia’s oligarch Alisher Usmanov, who has been sanctioned by a series of Western nations, no longer owns much of the previous property that his spokesman said, potentially avoiding such penalties. Means to do.

Uzbek-born Russian businessmen are licensed by the European Union, the United Kingdom, the United States and Switzerland for their close ties with the Kremlin.

The move was in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, which Russia’s President Vladimir Putin called a “special military operation.”

But Usmanov spokesman Told the guardian Most of the billionaire’s UK assets and his yacht were “transferred to an irreparable trust long ago.”

“From that point on, Mr. Usmanov didn’t own them, he couldn’t manage them or deal with their sales, but he could only use them on a rental basis,” he said. The spokesman said. “Mr. Usmanov withdrew from the beneficiaries of his trust and donated his beneficial rights to his family.”

A Usmanov spokesperson refused to speak to the Guardian when the trust was established, Reuters All his property was transferred in 2006.

A businessman spokesperson Told Sky News This move “has nothing to do with sanctions and was decided by the real estate plan.”

The Epoch Times is seeking comments from a spokesperson for Usmanov.

Nonetheless, the British government argues that sanctions on Usmanov are still valid, citing coordination with other Western nations targeting people closely associated with Putin.

“We are confident that these sanctions will have a significant impact on Usmanov. I think there is no doubt,” said a spokesman for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Said..

“And, decisively, when it comes to sanctions, we find that we are working with our Western allies as much as possible, so those who are trying to move their assets are not welcomed by the majority of the Western world. Probably. “

In response to government criticism that it is too late to sanction Russians associated with Putin, a spokesman said Britain is a “country that respects the rule of law” and “we need everything. Make sure you have done the steps to make these legally enforceable. “

Usmanov, who is associated with Arsenal and Everton football clubs, 49% stake USM is a Russian investment group that manages Metalloinvest, one of the world’s largest iron ore producers, and the telecommunications company MegaFon.

He is the sixth wealthiest Russian, has a wealth of $ 19.5 billion according to the Bloomberg Asset Index, has also invested in and Uber Technologies, and controls the Russian newspaper Kommersant.

according to British governmentUsmanov owns a beachwood house in Highgate, worth an estimated £ 48 million, and owns 16th-century Sutton Place real estate in Sally.

He also Sardinia villa A 512-foot (156-meter) yacht that is widely recognized as the world’s largest motor yacht in terms of total tons.

According to reports, the yacht, Dilbar, was confiscated by German authorities earlier this month and has been undergoing refurbishment since late October.

EU officials called Usmanov “Parent Kremlin Oligarch He has a particularly close relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is “called one of Vladimir Putin’s favorite oligarchs.”

“According to the FinCEN file, he paid $ 6 million to Vladimir Putin’s influential adviser, Valentin Yumashev. Dmitry, Vice-Chair of the Russian Security Council and former President and Prime Minister of Russia. -Medvejev has benefited from the personal use of luxury homes managed by Mr. Usmanov, “officials said.

Usmanov Said He claimed that the sanctions against him were “unfair” and that he was “subject to restrictions” by the EU.

“The reason adopted to justify the sanctions is a series of false defamation allegations that damage my honor, dignity, and business reputation. I am all legal to protect my honor and reputation. I will use the means, “he said.

Catabella Roberts


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