Russian paratroopers in Bucha during the atrocities were identified by a love letter with a lipstick kiss he left behind.

You can see the cityscape with burnt tanks scattered around.

Burned Russian tanks are scattered along Voksarna Street in Bucha. There, a line of Russian military vehicles heading towards Kieu was destroyed by Ukrainian troops. Bucha, Ukraine, April 4, 2022.Erin Tribe for Insiders

  • Reports of atrocities leaked from Bucha in Ukraine after Russia withdrew from the suburbs of Kieu.

  • The new Reuters report identifies soldiers and troops in Bucha before the withdrawal.

  • A soldier was identified as a love letter addressed to him was left in a private home.

Russian soldiers in Bucha left their ID during the atrocities. The handwritten love letter was signed off with traces of a red lipstick kiss.

Reporter from Reuters He spent several weeks in Bucha, Ukraine, after Russian troops completed their withdrawal from the area around Kieu last month. The report, published Thursday, contains new details about what happened in Bucha, based on interviews with nearly 100 residents, documents left by the Russian army, and photo and video evidence.

A Bucha resident told the outlet that he found a letter after he found many of his homes destroyed and went home. It was in his living room in a pile of documents, including Ukrainian identification cards belonging to civilians interrogated or detained by Russian soldiers.

“It’s good that you are close and close to my heart, but you are far away, serving our homeland and protecting us. I am proud of you. ! “The letter said.

A photo of a letter issued by Reuters showed traces of a kiss.

The letter was signed by Oksana Rybakova and addressed to Aleksandr Logvinenko, a Russian soldier who was later identified as a paratrooper.

Reuters contacted Rybakova in the Pskov region of Russia, stating that Logbinenko was her partner, but she later withdrew the claim. Two people who knew the couple also confirmed the relationship with the outlet.

Report Atrocities and potential war crimes Poured from Bucha after Russia’s withdrawal Killing When rape Number of civilians and discovery of mass graves, International survey..

The outlets identified specific soldiers and troops in Bucha and associated some with specific acts of violence against unarmed civilians.Russia Rejected reports of Bucha’s atrocities The account claimed to be fake.

Another Russian soldier was later identified by the outlet Spray paint his social media handle On the wall of the house near where the letter was found.

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