Russian propaganda claims they have already destroyed an Abrams tank near Soledar

Russian occupiers claim to have destroyed an American M1 Abrams tank near the city of Soledar. The National Security and Defense Council’s Center for Countering Disinformation refutes the propaganda statements.

sauce: Disinformation Center on telegram

Quote: “Enemy sources claim that Russian forces destroyed the first American M1 Abrams tank near Soledar with a simple RPG-18 Muka. [“Fly”]no less.

This is a primitive fake of Russian propaganda using old photos not taken in Ukraine. The occupiers are not bothered by the fact that the United States has not yet handed over such tanks to Ukraine. “

detail: Additionally, the photos shared by the occupiers were taken in the spring or summer, and as the green tree proves, “the propagandists didn’t even think to remove the green tree.”

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