Russian sanctions target Canadian Prime Ministers, journalists, military and political staff

Canada’s UN Ambassador, Bob Ray, will speak with a copy of the Charter of the United Nations on February 23, 2022 at the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations Headquarters. (Canadian Press / AP / John Minchiro)

Russia has issued new sanctions against 61 Canadians, including the Prime Minister, military personnel, political staff and journalists, for Canada’s actions against the invasion of Ukraine.

Canada’s UN ambassador, Bob Ray, is currently banned from entering Russia and has five prime ministers, including Doug Ford in Ontario, Jason Kenny in Alberta, and John Horgan in British Columbia. There is also.

The list also includes Bank of Canada Governor Tiff McClem, Royal Canadian Navy Commander Craig Baines, Prime Minister Katie Telford, and former Senator Romeo Dallaire.

Sanctions also apply to Canadian journalists such as The Globe and Mail international correspondent Mark MacKinnon, National Post columnist John Ivison, and The Globe and Mail Editor-in-Chief, CBC President and CEO. is.

Russia states on its Foreign Ministry website that all of these individuals are “directly involved in the development, demonstration and implementation of anti-Russian courses in Canada’s regime.”

President Vladimir Putin’s administration has already banned many prominent Canadians from entering the country, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, ministers and members of all political parties.

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