Russian soldiers capture their commander to prevent him from escaping the battle zone – Ukrainian intelligence


Russian soldiers complain to his wife about serious losses and numerous injuries

Russian soldiers complain to his wife about serious losses and numerous injuries

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A telephone conversation between a Russian soldier and his wife also reveals the great losses the Russian army experienced in Ukraine. The text of the call was published by the intelligence service.

“The 4th Battalion-they captured their own battlefield commander,” says a Russian soldier in a conversation with his wife.

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“They didn’t (escape) because they kept him, because they have a number of 300 (injured). And yesterday, they loaded and prepared a car to escape from here. But we were ordered to stay. Yesterday, more than 20 300 people (more than 20 injured soldiers) were driven away. “

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Earlier, the Pentagon’s Supreme Intelligence Agency reported Rogue wave of resignation from Russian military and law enforcement agenciesFewer Russians are willing to endanger their lives in the war with Ukraine.

Several Russian organizations of military wives and mothers are protesting the Russian invasion of Ukraine.One of the latest events organized by such an organization occurred in Buryatia, Russian Far East, where a local woman whose husband is fighting in Ukraine asked to bring them home..

Video Sharing On social media, including the TikTok network, young Russian men are mobilized to share fears, despair, and reluctance to fight in the war in Ukraine and serve in the Russian army. Talk about what you are doing.