Russian Soldiers Warn of Battlefield Collapse

Anadolu Agency via Getty

Anadolu Agency via Getty

Russia is reportedly canceling plans to send new troops to Ukraine as more military personnel reportedly refuse to fight after humiliating battlefield losses. increase.

Ukrainian intelligence reported Wednesday that a member of the Russian Army’s 5th Detachment Tank Brigade was waiving military benefits in order to resign for refusing to fight.

“At the same time, there is a catastrophic shortage of personnel in the units participating in the war with Ukraine,” said the main intelligence agency of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

The agency did not specify how many service members have reportedly opted out.According to Ukrainian intelligence, the Russian military routinely complains about the malfunction of Vladimir Putin’s “special military operations”. It has been spotted diverging, and seems to have increased in frequency after Ukraine launched several surprise counterattacks in recent weeks and recaptured large swaths of land.

in the latest audio A man identified as a Russian soldier in the Kharkiv region, released by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, is heard angrily complaining about the chaos in the military in what has been described as an intercepted phone call. can do.

“I imagined all this differently because there is no such thing as an organization. told to

“Everyone is out for themselves,” he says.

U.S. officials said Ukraine’s victory on the battlefield had forced Russian forces to literally retreat, abandoning their equipment as they retreated. reported that Moscow Times, Russian forces near Izm in the Kharkiv region have lost half of their equipment in just four days this month.

As public outrage over the loss grows, the Kremlin is said to be plotting to deflect blame from Putin by pinning it to military advisers instead.

However, the defeats in the Kherson and Kharkiv regions seem to have hit ordinary Russians harder than the previous defeats in the Kyiv region and Snake Island, with many pro-Kremlin social media channels voicing that Ukraine would go to war. has sparked speculation that it is successfully working on the Russian Territory.

“Because no one is listening to our message and no one is preparing a large-scale defense, [Russian] At the same time, if the enemy concentrates a huge force on the border with the Belgorod region, it is very likely to take control of one of the big cities, ”the pro-Kremlin telegram channel warned and predicted. “Enemies act smarter”, suppressing communications with late-night hijacks.

The tone among Russian officials also changed rapidly as the mayor of a town in the Kaliningrad region announced this week that the city’s annual holiday celebrations had been canceled in light of the “tense situation” on the battlefield. .

Mayor Grigory Sokolovsky said: “After the funeral of one of the participants in the special military operation this Thursday, it is highly unethical and unacceptable to sing and dance joyfully in memory of the war dead and their relatives. I don’t think it will,” he said. Sobetsk, announced on social media.

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