Russian spies cheerfully ruin Putin’s “assassination plan” claim



During a Monday meeting at the Moscow Public Prosecutor’s Office, Russian President Vladimir Putin Announced the arrest of several accused assassins who allegedly planned to kill celebrities with shocking accusations Russian national television journalist and avid Vladimir Putin Loyalist Vladimir Putinov..

“This morning, the FSB’s agency shut down a group of terrorists who were planning to attack and kill prominent Russian television journalists,” Putin said, “dividing European officials and Russian society. The United States aims to “destroy Russia from the inside.” Putin claimed that the West could not win in terms of information. War in Ukraine He urged “to resort to terrorism to arrange the killing of our journalists.” He added: “We, of course, know the names of sponsors from Western intelligence from the US CIA working with Ukrainian security services.”

Russia’s notorious FSB counterintelligence agency We have released a video of the arrest and a so-called “behind-the-scenes” video of an agent who searched for and seized property allegedly found in the suspect’s apartment. Post Overall by state media outlets RIA Novosti By telegram. The footage includes a photo of Adolf Hitler, six pristine Ukrainian passports, a blonde wig, and a brand new T-shirt adorned with a swastika that appears to have fresh creases from recent shipments, all placed in the apartment. A series of items was shown.

But the seemingly brand new items weren’t the only interesting elements in the FSB’s video footage. The original video showed a book with three copies of The Sims video game placed on the bed and containing menacing inscriptions. The signature is unclear. “

To set up a crime scene, social media users quickly pointed out that SIMS games and “unclear signatures” could be a sign that the arrest was part of the FSB’s antics. He pointed out that the instructions may have included planting three SIM cards and sign the book with an unidentifiable signature. And these instructions may have been misunderstood or literally over-interpreted by the agent.Perhaps they noticed the official video that their agent flabbed. Post The FSB’s YouTube channel excluded books and blurred images of SIMS video games.

The Kremlin seems to stick to the story, despite the obvious holes in the official story of the so-called assassination program. On Monday, Russian Federation Security Forces Director Alexander Bortnikov on Russia’s Rossiya-1 channel actually saw a group of six Russian neo-Nazis killing state television host Vladimir Putinov at the behest of Ukrainian security forces. He said he was planning.

In an interview with the state media RIA NovostiSolobyov said he was unaware that he was being followed and thanked the FSB for saving his life. However, it seems that the basis for the accusation on Monday was set a few days ago. Two days before his arrest, Solobyov claimed to have been arrested by an unknown harasser while jogging in the morning.

“Today I was jogging on the embankment. Two fat guys overtook me on my bike and shouted,’Glory to Ukraine,'” he said in the show. Solobyov Live.. “They stopped scared and hit me with a greasy face. It’s all in the video, so we’ll track them down and find them, no doubt … we’re all here You need to catch the scum bag. “

Solobyov, who voiced support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, accused Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky of leading a plan to assassinate him, claiming he was targeted for being a Jewish journalist. Rossia-1 report The “neonazi assassin” admitted that he was planning to kill the personality of other state media, showed a clip of an unnamed plotter with a blurred face, and state television host Dmitry Kiselov, RT Margarita. Her husband Tigran Keosayan, and Putin experts Olga Scaviva and Evgeny Popov, said they were also planning to take out Simonian’s head.

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On Monday night on a state television show 60 minutes, Olga Scaviva concludes: “Ukraine has officially become a sponsor of terrorism.” In early April, during a call with US President Joe Biden, Zelensky requested the United States to designate Russia as a national supporter of terrorism. Today’s allegations are trying to bounce the accusation on Ukrainian knees.

Hold his evening show on monday, Solobyov seemed positively dazzled while discussing the alleged plot to kill him. He laughed at the need to answer the phone and interview about the arrest, and laughed at how the Ukrainian president must have adjusted his plans from the jealousy of experts. After all, Solovyov didn’t seem to take half the attempts of his life seriously. Seizures Of his Italian villa with Western sanctions.

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