Russian Surveillance Aircraft Detected in Alaska Defense Zone: NORAD

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) said it had detected Russian spy planes in Alaska’s air defense identification zone for two days.

“Twice in the last two days, the Alaska NORAD region has detected, tracked, and identified Russian reconnaissance aircraft entering and operating within the Alaska Air Defense Identification Zone,” the agency said. statement “Russian aircraft did not enter US or Canadian sovereign airspace.”

NORAD is a military command responsible for aerospace warning, aerospace control, and maritime warning, focused on protecting the national security of both the United States and Canada.

The Alaska Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) is a self-declared airspace spanning hundreds of miles surrounding United States airspace. NORAD seeks to detect and track foreign military aircraft in these zones.

“NORAD uses a defense-in-depth network of satellites, ground-based radar, airborne radar and fighter aircraft to track and identify aircraft and signal appropriate action,” the agency said in a statement on Aug. 9. says.

“We stand ready to adopt many response options to defend our North American and Arctic sovereignty.”

Any nation’s aircraft may legally fly in its airspace, but such movements by foreign aircraft could be considered an act of aggression as it suggests that the aircraft may enter sovereign airspace. I have.

This is the first reported case of a Russian military aircraft entering Alaska’s ADIZ in 2022. However, sightings of Russian aircraft in the region are not uncommon and have occurred several times each year in recent years.

In 2021, NORAD reported that Russian aircraft entered Alaska’s ADIZ in January, March and October.of October 2021the last time NORAD announced a Russian presence, five Russian aircraft entered Alaska’s ADIZ.

The latest flight by a Russian aircraft announced by NORAD comes amid heightened tensions between Moscow and Washington. Since the war between Russia and Ukraine began in February, the United States has provided Ukraine with billions of dollars in security and other aid while imposing multiple sanctions against Russian and Russian officials and entities. have provided.

Russia announced in July that it had taken full control of the Luhansk region of Ukraine. Russia is now mainly focused on trying to control the Donetsk region of Ukraine, the other part of industrialized Donbass in eastern Ukraine.

Mimi Nguyen Lee


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