Russian tourists who took pictures naked on a 700-year-old sacred tree are deported from Bali

Indonesian officials announced on Friday that Russian influencers and her husband would be deported from Bali after taking a naked photo of a 700-year-old sacred tree three years ago.

Alina Fazleeva with over 18,000 followers on Instagram presents nude photo shoot In 2019, with a weeping paper bark tree on the grounds of the Babakan Temple in Tabanan Regency. She uploaded a photo taken by her husband Andrey Fuzzleaf, and in her caption she said she became “part of an infinite chain” and when she hugged the tree she said ” He explained that he heard the voice of her ancestors.

Fazleeva’s Instagram post Recently discovered Furious by the local Hindu and Buddhist Balinese communities. Later, Balinese entrepreneur Niluh Djelantik reported the photo to local police and urged him to investigate the case. In Bali Hindu culture, natural elements such as trees and mountains are considered the sacred homes of the gods.

Before Fuzz Riva moved away, she and her husband revisited the sacred tree with a local man and “sought forgiveness.” Then she went to the police station, where she worked with local authorities and also contacted Gerantique to apologize.

“Both have been proven to endanger public order and morals and to carry out activities that do not respect local norms,” ​​Bali Immigration Director Jamalli Manifruk told reporters at Times Malta. “So they will be sanctioned for deportation.”

The couple had to attend a cleansing ceremony with the temple caretaker Kruna Wijaya. They are also banned from entering Indonesia for at least 6 months.

to her Instagram In an account that is now private, Fazleeva apologized for her actions and said she “made a big mistake.”

“There are many sacred places in Bali, and not all of them, as in my case, have an information sign about it,” Fuzz Riva writes. “And it is very important to treat these places and traditions with respect.”

Featured image via Tribunnews (left), Walta Kota Productions (right)

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