Russian troops continue to suffer from demoralization and refuse to obey orders

Russian troops have not made significant progress in Moscow’s new attack in eastern Ukraine. This was partly due to low morale and some troops “refusing to obey orders,” a senior US defense official said Monday.

Officials told reporters, “The military, in fact, the officers’ morale is low, they refuse to move according to orders, and from a leadership perspective they are not really sound command and control. I’m still looking at the report. “

Officials later said that “intermediate officers of various levels up to the battalion level” refused to obey orders or “did not obey them with the same agility that officers expected to obey.” ..

Russian troops have struggled to make significant profits in Ukraine’s Donbus region since launching a new attack in Ukraine’s Donbas region last month.

In addition to coping Morale issues that remain since the beginning of the war On February 24, the Kremlin also struggled to supply troops and move weapons and equipment in muddy spring weather, officials said.

Still, according to officials, Moscow continues to send operational battalion tactical groups (BTG) to Ukraine, with such groups increasing from 92 to 97 last month. Each BTG usually consists of about 700-800 soldiers.

“It’s not uncommon for them to return BTG from Donbus to Russia, refit or replenish it, and then put it back in. That’s normal,” officials said.

However, they added that Russia added about five BTGs to Ukraine in just over a week, all sent to the east or south of Ukraine.

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