Russian troops grow “more desperately” as aggressive stalls and “double brutality”: British Secretary of Defense

British and U.S. military officials said that as Russia’s attack in Ukraine faced a setback, Russian troops increased the use of rocket attacks and other long-range shootings, increasingly attacking civilian infrastructure and killing and injuring civilians. He said he had increased the number of people.

British Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace complained to the BBC on Tuesday that Russian troops have made no progress in parts of Ukraine and are increasingly relying on him to describe it as a brutal tactic. Said.

“We are seeing Russians doubling their atrocities,” Wallace told the “BBC Breakfast” program that Russian troops are “more desperate.”

Russian troops have made great strides in southern Ukraine, but have stalled in several other areas. The British Defense Secretary said Russian troops were behind schedule, especially near the northern capital, Kyiv.

“Russia hasn’t made progress yet, it’s day 13. The northern column we’re talking about is still pretty deadlocked, that is, it’s really stuck, so it’s not going forward,” he said. Told.

According to the Pentagon, the Russian Army has become increasingly dependent on long-range fires such as artillery and artillery, as many analysts have encountered what they describe as unexpectedly strong resistance from the Ukrainian army.

“We absolutely appreciate our dependence on long-range fires. This is a very strange term, but bullet missile attacks … rocket attacks are civilian casualties, and damage and destruction of civilian infrastructure. Homes, churches, hospitals, schools, we certainly see it increasing, “Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told a briefing on Monday.

Epoch Times Photo
A house destroyed by artillery on March 5, 2022 in Markhalivka, Ukraine. (Anastasia Vrasova / Getty Images)

Kirby added that it is impossible to say whether Russian troops are intentionally targeting private areas or whether such strikes are “accidental vs. intentional”, but of human suffering. He said the result was the same.

“The bottom line is that more citizens are killed and injured, and more private infrastructure is damaged or destroyed,” Kirby continued. “And Mr Putin still has the option here to find a diplomatic path forward and end the aggression, not escalating and less aggressive in the use of these long range shots and his abilities. increase.”

Russia has denied targeting private citizens or private infrastructure. And, despite the request to deescalate, there are signs of different trajectories of conflict.

British intelligence Said on Tuesday They are aware of “a significant intensification of Russia’s accusations that Ukraine is developing nuclear or biological weapons,” suggesting that the Kremlin may be building a case of escalation. “

Epoch Times Photo
Locals cross a destroyed bridge on March 7, 2022, when evacuating from a town in Irpin near Kyiv, Ukraine. (Jedrzej Nowicki / Agencja, via Reuters)

French President Emmanuel Macron said he believed in the conflict “the worst hasn’t come yet” after talking with Russian President Vladimir Putin a few days ago.

A statement by Russian authorities also suggests that hostilities will not be immediately put to an end. A few days ago, Russian Foreign Minister Sergeĭ Viklov believed that some western leaders were fishing in the war with Russia, and Moscow “demilitarized and demilitarized” Ukraine “to the end.” He said he would push forward with that “special military operation” to do so.

Viklov said on Tuesday that the goal of Russia’s military action was “to stop the war that could occur or start on the territory of Ukraine” and the war would not go on the Kremlin’s path. If so, NATO countries suggest that it may spill over into.

he Also blame Washington argued that Kyiv was “not independent at all” and pulled the Ukrainian string in the conflict, but Russia’s British ambassador Complained Britain has become a “hostile environment” and has also warned of the possibility of a war spillover over NATO countries.

“If weapons are supplied to Ukraine across the Polish border, there is a risk of involving NATO in conflict.” He said..

Poland, a strong ally with Ukraine in the conflict, was the main supplier of weapons and ammunition to the Ukrainian army, speculating whether this military aid would include the provision of fighters.

So far, the Polish government has categorically insisted that the plane will not fight in Ukraine and that the airfield will not be used to initiate a sortie into Ukraine, but Polish authorities have said. He said discussions with NATO partners would continue on some form of providing jets to the Ukrainian Air Force.

Polish Lieutenant Krzysztof Przypiorka, in an interview with Polish media outlet Super Express on Monday, risks being perceived by Russians as a provocation that the supply of fighters to Ukraine could cause “World War III”. I was asked if there was one.

“It’s not the case when you send a fighter in the same way you carry other weapons, as in the case of anti-aircraft or anti-aircraft. [systems]” Przypiorka repliedA translation of his remarks suggests that Polish authorities are distinguishing between offering planes in the form of sales or gifts to Ukraine and jets that engage in conflict while flying the colors of Poland. ..

“Polish pilots are Ukrainians, not flying them, and they will not take off from Poland,” he said.

As another sign that the conflict is likely to continue for some time, U.S. intelligence officials may be recruiting Syrian fighters with considerable experience in urban warfare to fight for them in Ukraine on Monday. When its troops break through the cities of Ukraine, stating that they believe there is, suggesting that Russia must be involved, it shatters urban warfare.

A fire is seen in Mariupol
On March 3, 2022, a fire broke out in the residential area of ​​Mariupol after a bombardment during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. (Twitter @AyBurlachenko via Reuters)

So far, Russian troops have occupied only one major city, Kherson, but have not been able to control Kyiv. On Monday, fierce fighting continued outside another major city, Kharkov. Range shooting, “Kirby said.

In an interview with Reuters, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russia was “ready to end the war” if Ukraine met some conditions.

Peskov also recognizes Ukraine as Russia and the regions of Luhansk and Donetsk as independent, its troops need to put down weapons, and Kyiv bans it from entering NATO. Said that he must sign.

“We have really finished the demilitarization of Ukraine,” Peskov said. “We finish it. But the important thing is that Ukraine will stop military action. They should stop military action and no one will shoot.”

So far, about 2 million people have fled the fighting in Ukraine. according to United Nations

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