Russian warships drive out U.S. submarines, Moscow says

Russia’s anti-submarine destroyers were forced to drive U.S. submarines near the Kuril Islands and leave the country’s territorial waters, Moscow said in a furious Saturday. Tension over Ukraine..

A Pentagon spokesman, who was asked to comment by the AFP, said, “I know the coverage of the maritime military coverage in the Pacific. At this time, I can’t confirm the details of these coverage.”

A senior government official said Saturday that there was no additional information on the alleged case.

The Russian Defense Ministry said during planned military training, the Shaposhnikov destroyer discovered a US Navy Virginia-class nuclear submarine in Russian waters near the Kuril Islands in the North Pacific.

When the submarine ignored the ascent request, the frigate crew “used appropriate means” and the US submarine departed at full speed, the ministry said without detail.

The ministry also said it had summoned military attachés to Moscow over the incident.

“A military attaché at the US Embassy in Moscow was summoned to the Russian Defense Ministry in connection with a violation by a US Navy submarine on the border of the Russian Federation,” the Defense Ministry said.

The Kuril Islands, located north of Hokkaido Island in Japan, have been dominated by Moscow since they were seized by Soviet troops during the decline of World War II. The incident took place near Urup in the Kuril Islands.

It happened amid heightened tensions between Russia and the West, where Moscow surrounds Ukraine with more than 100,000 troops on three sides, and Washington warned that a full-scale aggression could begin “at any time.” ..

Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the claim of “provocation” on Saturday.

U.S. President Joe Biden warned Putin If Russia invades Ukraine, the United States will “respond decisively and impose swift and strict costs” on Saturday. This warning arises because US officials have stated that a Russian invasion may begin.anytime.. “

In a phone call with Putin, Mr. Biden emphasized that the aggression “will create widespread human suffering and reduce Russia’s status,” as Russia’s military buildup at the Ukrainian border intensifies.

U.S. Department of State Ordered A non-urgent employee leaving the US Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine.

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