Russian warships fire in the Black Sea following a Ukrainian strike: officials

Ukrainian officials claimed on Friday that a Russian ship ignited after being attacked in the Black Sea and forced to return to the port.

Serhiy Bratchuk, a spokesman for the Odesa junta supported by Kyiv, Said “As a result of the actions of our military sailors, the logistics ship Vsevolod Bobrov, one of the latest in the Russian fleet, [caught fire]..They said it [being towed] To Sevastopol. “

Ukraine said logistics were attacked near Snake Island, a small but strategic outpost near the sea border between Ukraine and Romania. The Epoch Times could not immediately confirm the allegations and Russia has not issued a statement regarding the alleged case.

In April, the Russian naval vessel Moscow was destroyed in the Black Sea, and Ukrainian authorities claimed responsibility. Moscow said it was instead caused by a fire of ammunition.

According to the British Ministry of Defense, the Pentagon has destroyed a “significant” amount of Russian tanks and other armored vehicles in an attempt to cross the river, according to operational updates posted on Friday. ..

“The image shows that Russia lost at least one battalion tactical group of key armored maneuvering elements and deployed Pontoon bridge equipment while crossing the Siverskyi Donets west of Severodonetsk,” the ministry said on Twitter. I wrote in the post.

Ukrainian officials have released photos showing that more than two dozen Russian tanks and other armored vehicles have been burned near the Siverskyi Donets in eastern Ukraine.

“Crossing the river in a disputed environment is a very dangerous operation and illustrates the pressure Russian commanders are under to proceed with the operation in eastern Ukraine,” the British Ministry of Defense wrote on Friday. rice field.

“Russian troops have failed to make significant progress, despite the concentration of troops in the region after withdrawing and relocating troops from Kieu and Chernihiv Oblasts,” he added.

It’s coming as Swedish and Finnish officials have been warned by Moscow and released public comments suggesting that both countries are ready to join NATO. Joining the Western military alliance of 30 countries will end the neutrality of the two countries that was maintained throughout the Cold War and further promote NATO enlargement, which Putin said was aimed at preventing the invasion of Ukraine. Let’s go.

NATO Secretary-General Jason Stoltenberg previously said that NATO welcomed its accession to the military alliance, but that member Turkey does not support their bids.

“We are following progress on Sweden and Finland, but we are not in a positive opinion,” said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Said Friday reporter.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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