Russians are trying to sell Big Macs for $ 36 each and McDonald’s paper bags for more than $ 300, following the closure of the branch.


Russians are trying to sell McDonald’s menu items on the Russian website Avito.faber1893 / Shutterstock

  • Russians are trying to sell McDonald’s menu items online following the closure of the branch.

  • Popular items such as Big Mac and McMuffin are offered at high prices.

  • One list above Job Advertising Website We offered a McDonald’s package for up to $ 373.

Russians are trying to sell McDonald’s menu items online at very high prices. Closing more than 800 restaurants In the country.

Insiders saw multiple lists above Abito, Russia’s classifieds website, offering products such as BigMac and McMuffins. Avito Explained on LinkedIn Russia’s most popular classified advertising site and the second largest in the world.

One Moscow-based seller Promotion Big Mac worth $ 36. In Russia, hamburgers usually cost 135 rubles, or about $ 1. Economist’s Big Mac Index..

Recently another seller Post “McDonald’s breakfast”. Includes McMuffin, potato pancakes and sauce for about $ 18.

In the list translated into English, the seller said he was offering items to “people who want to enjoy the last taste of the bygone.”

There seems to be no off-limits area as some people are trying to sell the “McDonald’s Package”. At the time of writing this, one Avisto list showed a paper bag being advertised. Equivalent to $ 373.. It is unknown if the bag contains the product.

The website also contained several other ads offering packages, such as cups and french fries holders. One seller Promotion “McDonald’s Signature Glass” is about $ 74.

The closure of the McDonald’s branch in Russia has sparked a strong reaction from the public these days. Video shared on social media showed Moscow residents rushing to the store to eat before closing.

according to Indy100According to a photo posted on Reddit, a Russian completely filled the fridge with McDonald’s burgers before closing. “McDonald’s is completely closed in Russia. Here’s my friend’s hiding place,” read the caption next to the photo.

McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinsky Said in a note to employees On March 8, it was “unpredictable” when McDonald’s would reopen the restaurant, but the company said it was “watching the situation closely.”

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