Russians lose crocodile near Jashima (Jajima)


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Russia abandons Snake Island with Kyiv’s victory

Story: Russian troops abandoned Snake Island’s strategic Black Sea outpost on Thursday (30 June)-marking a major victory for Ukraine. This move could loosen the grip of Russia’s blockade at Ukrainian ports and facilitate the passage of food cargo from one of the world’s leading grain suppliers. Russia’s Ministry of Defense said it had decided to withdraw from exports as a “good faith gesture.” … we have shown to world society that Russia has not hindered the UN’s efforts to organize a humanitarian corridor for the export of agricultural products from Ukraine. This decision means that Kyiv cannot speculate about the imminent food crisis. It is impossible to export grain because Russia has complete control of the northwestern Black Sea. Meanwhile, Ukraine claims to have expelled Russian troops after a major attack overnight. A view of the island with black smoke pillars rising above. This is Oleksii Hromov, the brigade leader of the Ukrainian Army. Polish the physical control of the island. At the moment, he controls it with weapons such as long-range artillery, missiles, and the Air Force. .. When it comes to grain-laden ships, Ukrainian troops do everything to stabilize the situation so that the ships can safely pass through the territorial waters. Reuters could not immediately see the photo or the description of the battlefield on either side. Bare rocky outcrops dominate the sea lanes to Ukraine’s main Black Sea port, Odesa, and Russia’s blockade impedes grain exports, risking global shortages, rising prices and hunger. It’s happening. Russia occupied the island on the first day of the war. Ukrainian guards there were ordered to surrender by the Russian cruiser Moscow and wirelessly returned, “Russian warship: let’s do it ourselves.” The case was immortalized with Ukrainian postage stamps. On the day the stamp was issued, Ukraine sank a Russian ship, the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet. Souvenirs and souvenirs are still lined up throughout Kyiv, where locals accuse Russia of lying. Russian troops on Snake Island were pushed away by our boys in their artillery and they achieved their goals. Ukraine’s victory on Snake Island has focused its fire power primarily on occupying cities and towns in the Donbus region of eastern Ukraine, after weeks of conflict seemed to shift in favor of Russia. rice field.