Russians raise reserves towards axis of advance of Ukrainian forces in southern Ukraine

Olha Hrushenko – Monday, October 10, 2022, 03:47

Operational Command Pivden (South) reported that the Russians were moving personnel and equipment towards the axis of advance of the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

sauce: Operation Command Pivden (South) Facebook

Quote: “The enemy is inflicting periodic fire damage on our positions along our lines of communication and adjacent settlements using military aircraft, multiple-launch rocket systems, tubular artillery and mortars.

The Russian military continues to strike its rear through atypical use of the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system, air-launched rockets and kamikaze drones.

Enemy forces are mining the area to block our advance.

The enemy is pulling up reserves towards the axis of advance of our troops – about 200 military personnel and up to three dozen military equipment are involved. ”

detail: Additionally, Russia continues aerial reconnaissance with UAVs to locate Ukrainian forces and coordinate artillery fire.

Ukrainian anti-aircraft forces continue to destroy them. In addition, he landed two of his Orlan-10 UAVs in the Mikolaiv area.

The Russians attempted to attack the Ukrainian Defense Forces units up to a motorized rifle platoon on the afternoon of 9 October from the direction of the village of Bezvodne towards the village of Davydych Brid. They suffered heavy losses and retreated to their original positions.

Russian airstrikes continued, with seven occurring on the final fighting day, five of them in Davydiv Brid. Kamikaze drones also attack Duchani village. No significant losses occurred.

In the evening, a rocket was launched from the Black Sea towards the city of Ochakiv. Eight houses were damaged and one civilian was injured.

The Russians also attacked Kuturb Fromada [an administrative unit designating a town, village or several villages and their adjacent territories – ed.] From the direction of the Kinburn Spit, using Grad’s multiple launch rocket system and tubular artillery. No casualties.

The Ukrainian Air Force carried out 99 attacks against Russian forces, and the Rocket Force and Artillery Brigade carried out 246 firing missions.

Estimated Russian losses in southern Ukraine on October 9 are 44 soldiers, 2 Grad multiple rocket systems, 4 tanks, 10 armored vehicles, and 4 120 caliber mortars. 2 tanks, 2 armored vehicles and 1 self-propelled Msta-S howitzer were also damaged.

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