Russia’s disconnection of underwater cables could be a war act

The head of the British Army warned that Russian submarine activity threatened underwater cables essential for communication systems around the world.

Admiral Tony Radakin added that submarine cables that send Internet data are “the real information systems of the world” and attempts to damage them can be considered “acts of war.”

Talk to Times In his first interview after taking office, former Royal Navy chief Radakin said, “Russian submarines and underwater activities have increased tremendously” over the last two decades.

He said Moscow “may be at risk and exploit the world’s actual information systems, which are submarine cables that travel around the world.”

“This is primarily where all information and traffic travel around the world. Russia has threatened these submarine cables and potentially increased their ability to exploit them.” Mr. Radakin said.

The Navy is tracking the activities of Russian submarines, and the collision between HMS Northumberland and Russian submarines has led to speculation about cable mapping activities.

The December 2020 clash was filmed by a channel 5 documentary crew working on a television series called Warship: Life At Sea.

In his interview, Radakin also said Britain needed to develop hypersonic missiles to catch up with the arms race.

He emphasized Russia’s hypersonic and long-range missile capabilities as a threat and Britain’s comparative capabilities as a weakness. “We are not [got them] And we need to have, “he said.

Mr Radakin also explained to the minister about Britain’s “military choice” if Russia launched an invasion of Ukraine, but said it did not provide further information.

Defense Minister Ben Wallace had previously stated that Britain was “very unlikely” to send troops in the event of an invasion. Times Cyber ​​attacks report that they “may be an option.”

Talks between Moscow, the United States and NATO are scheduled for next week amid heightened tensions due to the buildup of Russian troops at the Ukrainian border, but NATO general secretary Jens Stortenberg said the alliance “diplomatic failure.”

Foreign Minister Liz Truss called on Russia on Friday to end its “malicious activity” against Ukraine.

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