Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “can happen at any time”

A top Pentagon spokesman warned on Sunday that Russia could invade Ukraine “at any time,” arguing that there are several ways for Russian President Vladimir Putin to use it freely.

“Putin has many options available to him if he wants to invade Ukraine further, and he can quickly implement some of those options,” said Pentagon spokesman John Kirby. Said in an interview with “Fox News Sunday”.

Pentagon top officials share a harsh outlook for the foreseeable future, he added, pointing out the number of Russian troops gathered along the Ukraine-Russia border and Belarusian troops, also next to Ukraine. He also quoted Russian ships located in the Mediterranean and Atlantic Oceans.

“There is no need for conflict. We believe there is still room for diplomacy and we hope it will be the solution here,” Kirby said.

A few days ago, Ukrainian officials, including President Volodymyr Zelensky, said Claim The Biden administration, other foreign leaders, and the media have exaggerated the misery of the immediate situation.

“This means a panic in the market, a panic in the financial sector,” Zelensky told reporters last week.

Russian officials have frequently denied plans to invade Ukraine, the former Soviet Republic. Moscow sought a pledge from the United States and NATO that security agencies would not allow Ukraine to participate.

In 2014, Russia occupied the Crimean Peninsula, began arming rebels in the Donbas region of Ukraine, and launched a low-intensity conflict that killed more than 14,000 people.

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Citizens will participate in a training session for the Kiev Territorial Defense Unit in Kiev, Ukraine, on January 29, 2022. (ChrisMcGrath / Getty Images)

Top US officials have imposed sanctions on top Russian officials and their energy sector, including suspending the completion of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. However, Kirby explained in an interview on Sunday that the government has not yet imposed sanctions because “one of the things about sanctions is that once you trip it, the deterrent effect is lost.”

At the same time, he added that the United States is aiming for “sanctions and economic implications that have not been considered or considered as far back as 2014.”

Pentagon officials are considering not only economic warfare, but other means of harming the Kremlin, he said.

“One of the last things they want is NATO, which is powerful and enhanced on the western side, and that’s exactly what they’re trying to get if he makes another invasion within Ukraine. “Kirby said. “You will see the United States and our NATO allies strengthen our capabilities on the eastern side of the alliance.”

Meanwhile, on Sunday, several top Republican and Democratic senators said they were approaching an agreement on a bill sanctioning Russia for recent military buildups.

Senator Bob Menendez (DN.J.), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said of CNN’s “State of the Union address,” “explain that we are on the one-yard line.”

Senators added that they have strong bipartisan support to support Ukraine and punish Russia if it invades, and believe they will reach an agreement this week.

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Jack Phillips is the latest news reporter for The Epoch Times, based in New York.