Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a “crime against humanity” and must be ended immediately: Trump

Former President Donald Trump said on March 10 that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was “a real crime against humanity” and “never happened” if he was still in office.

Trump made a comment during an interview with Fox news On Thursday night he also swiped Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I’m watching these scenes of what’s happening on TV, and no one can believe them,” Trump told host Sean Hanity. “So something has to happen, Sean. This can’t be continued. This is … really a crime against humanity. This is something that must be done and must be done immediately.

“Putin’s problem, he has a very big ego, and if he ends in most forms now, if he ends now, it will look like a big loss to him. He’s a little extra Taking territory. Sean, a little difficult for Ukraine. They are actually doing well and want to see if they can regain our country, but what they do Are you getting? They have all these cities and they look almost completely bombed, “continued Trump.

Mr. Trump also referred to the invasion of Ukraine, claiming that “this is unlikely” if he is still president, and “having a very strong conversation with President Putin during his tenure, he understands. Before going into the details of the conversation.

“I know him very well [Putin] This is unlikely, but let’s see what happens. Let’s take a look. ” Trump said..

He also aimed at the Biden administration’s “terrifying” and “incompetent” withdrawal from Afghanistan, as well as the ongoing high inflation and ongoing immigration crisis in the United States.

“The way they got out of Afghanistan looked like a complete surrender, and I tell you what Putin was seeing … bad things started to happen, and they [Putin and other world leaders including Kim Jong-un] No longer respect our country, and that’s how this is [Russia’s invasion of Ukraine] Occur.

President Trump is watching the “horrible” things that are happening in Ukraine, saying “it should never have happened,” and Putin added, “it doesn’t seem to be the same as Putin I was dealing with.” He said it was a “sad situation.” But, “If I had been dealing with him, he wouldn’t have changed.”

The former US President also advertised the “tremendous amount of equipment” that his administration provided to Ukraine “so that they could protect themselves.”

When Hannity asked if his administration would propose to provide fighters from Poland to Ukraine, Trump replied that he would have done something “significantly different” from the Biden administration.

The Polish government has urged NATO allies to send jets to US bases. This can be transferred to Ukraine after Ukrainian authorities have stated that it will be very helpful against the Russian invasion that began on February 24th.

However, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby will move the Kremlin to Washington reporters earlier this week as an “escalation.”

“Intelligence agencies have assessed that the transfer of the MiG-29 to Ukraine could be mistaken for escalation and could lead to significant Russian reactions that could increase NATO’s prospects for military escalation. “I did,” Kirby added based on the evaluation. The military rates the transfer as “high risk” and does not carry it out.

Trump’s comment comes shortly after the International Criminal Court stated that it had begun investigating allegations of war crimes, crimes against humanity, or genocide committed in Ukraine.

Catabella Roberts


Katabella Roberts is a reporter currently based in Turkey. She focuses primarily on the United States and covers the news and business of The Epoch Times.