Rust travelers, uneven flight volume slowing airport security lines: Minister

Canada’s Minister of Transport Omar Argabra says Canada’s airport security agencies are increasing staff, but labor shortages are not the main cause of the unacceptable delays passengers are facing this spring. ..

While multiple airports report very long lines at airport security and border crossings, passengers are forced to wait for hours and sometimes miss flights.

The Greater Toronto Area said last week that the staffing challenges of the Canadian Air Transport Security Department contributed to the long line at Pearson Airport in Toronto.

However, according to Argabra, CATSA staffing is 90% of pre-pandemic levels and flight volumes are still below 70%, so this shouldn’t be a major issue.

Rather, he says, unrealistic travelers are causing delays at security checkpoints as Canadians have returned to travel mode after spending most of the last two years under COVID-19.

According to Argabra, changes in flight schedules can result in a large number of flights arriving and departing at the same time, creating a major bottleneck at certain times of the day.

Canadian press