Ryan Day was surprised by quarterback Quinn Ewers’ transfer from Ohio State University football.

Quarterback Quinn Ewers was coached by Ohio State University coach Ryan Day last week. Enter the NCAA Transfer Portal Then leave the program.

Ewers graduated from Carroll High School in Southlake, Texas a year early and spent only four months at Backeyes after enrolling in OSU in August.

Quarterback Quinn Ewers played in only one match against Ohio State University and handed off two times behind Michigan State University's 56-7 defeat.

Quarterback Quinn Ewers played in only one match against Ohio State University and handed off two times behind Michigan State University’s 56-7 defeat.

“It was certainly a little surprised,” Day said. on Sunday..

Considered a generational quarterback outlook, Highest rated newcomer To sign the Ohio State University Ewers registration A month after the NCAA adopted new rules that allow college athletes to benefit from their names, images and portraits, he was able to earn seven numbers on nominations and other partnerships. rice field.

Such money-making opportunities were banned for high school students in Texas.

Ewers, as low as the fourth string on the depth chart, appeared in only one match against The Birth of The Birth, with less than a minute left on Michigan State University’s 56-7 route on November 20th. It has entered. They are lined up twice behind the center. In the second half of the blowout, he handed the ball both times.

He will transfer to a school near his hometown on the outskirts of Dallas.

“I think he was in a very unique situation,” Day said. But boys, whether it’s an early registrant or a transfer portal and those types, there’s a lot going on in college football right now. We will do our best to adapt over time. “

The Birth of the Birth has only two scholarship quarterbacks left between CJ Stroud and Kyle McCord of the backup prior to the match against Utah at the Rose Bowl on January 1.

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Day said his preference was to hold a quarterback of three or four scholarships at a time.

Devin Brown, a four-star quarterback in the 2022 Recruit class, will be third after a verbal commitment, but he will not be in the program until next season.

During the first full season of the day leading the Birth of 2019, they had three scholarship quarterbacks with Christugnov and Gunner Hawk backing Justin Fields.

They held four times last season and by this fall Red shirt freshman Jack Miller And Ewers entered the forwarding portal last week.

“Many people want to play,” Day said. We are really happy with the people on our list right now. “

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