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Jimmy Kimmel Backlash, Powerful Speech, ‘Good Burger’ Reunion, and All the Ups and Downs of the Emmy Awards

On Monday night at the 74th Annual Emmy Awards, Abbott Elementary star Sherrill Lee Ralph performed an incredible speech as she sang, and actress Selma Blair took the stage to win the Outstanding Drama Award. There have been many standing ovations at incredible moments, such as when we awarded them. series. But one spent part of the night doing the exact opposite of standing up: Jimmy Kimmel, after being dragged out by actor Will Arnett for his best comedy series. Won an award for screenwriting. When Abbott Elementary School creator and writer Quinta Branson took the stage to accept the award, she stared at Kimmel and said, “Jimmy, wake up. I won. Jimmy?” But Kimmel, throughout her acceptance speech, lay at the bottom of her mic stand, unfazed in the slightest, and committed to his bit. He didn’t, but later told reporters behind the scenes: My first big late night spot. He was one of the first to see Abbott Elementary. He was the first to message me on Instagram. He was so excited to be on ABC I was glad it was Jimmy. He’s one of the godfathers of comedy. I might get mad at him tomorrow. However, viewers didn’t like Kimmel’s bit and posted scathing tweets on social media. Of course, the rest of the night’s winners didn’t have to receive their prizes with a swooning human at their feet. In fact, the evening was filled with very powerful and emotional speeches. When the Abbott Elementary School star took the stage to accept the award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her, the first thing that came out of her mouth was Diane Reeves in her 1993 song “Extinct”. Endangered Species” lyrics. “I’m an endangered species/But I don’t sing victim songs/I’m a woman, I’m an artist/And I know where my voice belongs,” says Ralph I buckled my belt and started giving a powerful speech as she said. If you’ve ever dreamed and thought your treatment wouldn’t happen, it wouldn’t happen, it wouldn’t happen, here I am If you had Quinta Branson in your corner, a husband like me in your corner You had a kid like me in your corner, friends like you, who voted for me, supported me, loved me. Thank you. Literally everyone there and watching at home was blown away by Ralph’s powerful speech and the moment that was the biggest and best highlight of the night. did. Rapper Lizzo, who won the Emmy Award for Best Competition Program for Lizzo’s Watch Out For the Big Grrrls, got emotional on Monday, stating, “First of all, I’m very emotional and the trophies are great, but… My feelings are for these people, the ones who stand on stage with me, the stories they shared are not that unique, they don’t understand how platforms tell stories Let’s talk more stories.Someone fat as me, black as me, beautiful as me.Later that night, Zendaya showed up for her incredible performance in Season 2 of Euphoria. won her second Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series Emmy Award, saying, “My greatest wish for Euphoria was that it could help people heal. Thank you for sharing your story with me.” I want you to know that there are people who love Rue or feel that you are Rue.Please carry with me, carry with her.Thank you very much Some of the winners noted that they were only given 30 seconds to give their acceptance speech once they got on stage, but White Lotus star Jennifer Coolidge won Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or TV Movie. The veteran actress was rudely cut by not one, but two walk-off songs when she was awarded the “Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait… okay,” Coolidge eventually accepted the cutoff, and she began dancing to the upbeat song, telling her to close it out. Most of the night’s hosts were announced in advance, but a few celebrities surprised the audience on Monday night. Media queen Oprah Winfrey gave Michael Keaton the Best Actor in Her Series or Her TV Movie Awards Limited for her Dopesick. , former voice judge and music superstar Kelly Clarkson, who presented the award to Zendaya; , Kim Kardashian’s first public appearance since his split. Davidson elicited laughter before awarding Ted his Lasso for Outstanding Comedy His Series. He refuses to say what the writer wants. But perhaps one of the most exciting surprises of his cameo of the night was Goodburger’s reunion with Thompson and his co-star Kel Mitchell in Goodburger 2, which Thompson recently teased. could promote the possibility of a sequel to .