Ryanair vows a five-day refund turnaround after criticism of COVID-19

Dublin — Ryanair to customers within five days of a flight canceled with a new customer service push on Thursday after criticism of how it handled the refund during the COVID-19 pandemic heyday I vowed to repay.

Europe’s largest low-cost carrier chooses to process refunds to the new online wallet feature within 24 hours of flight cancellation and customers book new flights immediately or reclaim funds within 5 business days I said I can.

Ryanair was one of many airlines criticized during the pandemic for resisting cash refunds to those who couldn’t fly due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Some customers were also dissatisfied with the delay in refunds for canceled flights and the cumbersome refund request process.

In June, British competition officials launched enforcement measures against Ryanair for failing to offer refunds, rather than rebooking passengers who were banned from flying under blocking rules. .. But earlier this month it withdrew action.

Ryanair said that for legitimate cases, after considering each case, a refund was made.

In September, Ryanair joined a group of European airlines and agreed to refund passengers whose flights were canceled during the pandemic, promising to provide better information on passenger rights in the future. ..

Ryanair is pushing for new customer service under the 2014 Always Getting Better campaign when CEO Michael O’Leary vows to stop “unnecessarily offending people.” Said.

New features in the app promise real-time push notifications and videos from the Operations Center to notify customers of flight status and interruptions.

Customers can rename flights and passengers through the app instead of calling a customer service agent, he said.



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