Ryerson University Renamed


Following the recommendations of the Special Task Force, Ryerson University is looking for a new name.

Ryerson President Mohammed Ryerson created the Task Force in November 2020 with the task of examining the legacy of Egerton Ryerson, the origin of the university’s name in the history of Canadian colonization. The Task Force released its final report on August 26th.

Lachemi said in a news release that Ryerson’s board of directors approved all 22 recommendations made by the Task Force, including renaming the university.

Egerton Ryerson was a pastor of the Methodist Church, a prominent 19th-century educator, and was instrumental in establishing the public education system when he was Chief Director of Education in Upper Canada.

Recently, he has been criticized for his role in the creation of a housing school system for indigenous children.

In a 1847 report, Ryerson recommended the establishment of an “industrial school” aimed at educating indigenous children. According to the Task Force, this contributed to the establishment of two housing schools in Ontario.

Originally scheduled for September, the report was released earlier on May 27 when it was announced in Kamloops that the bodies of 215 children were found near the former Kamloops Indian Residential School. This was reduced in an announcement after it was published on July 15, with ground penetrating radar identifying about 200 “subjects” and accurate corpse numbers and “final results” confirmed only by archaeological forensic investigations. It says it can be done.

On June 6, an angry crowd knocked down and destroyed a statue of Ryerson in the center of the university campus after a rally in honor of the dead children at a housing school. Shortly thereafter, Rakemi issued a statement that the statue would not be restored or replaced.

Andrew Chen

Andrew is a Toronto-based reporter.