Sabina Nessa may have been killed in a stranger attack, police say


Detectives are investigating whether elementary school teacher Sabina Nessa was still killed by a large number of strangers, senior officers said.

The 28-year-old was walking to meet her friends at a pub in Kidbrooke, southeast London. It was a journey that would take only five minutes when she was hit deadly near Kato Park.

In a park where flowers were planted next to police guards, Police Chief Trevor Raleigh said he was “fully open” about what the attackers were motivated, but they were still loose. I am concerned about being there.

Asked if he was worried that the murderer would attack others, the Metropolitan Police Department said:

“It’s always a concern that it might happen, but that’s because we don’t have any information at this time.”

Asked if he believed a stranger was behind the attack, Raleigh added, “It’s definitely a series of investigations we’re looking at.”

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The infographic shows the last move of Sabina Nessa. (Infographic / PA graphic)

Nessa’s body was discovered by the general public almost 24 hours after her death.

When asked by a reporter why it took so long for police to find her in a small and busy park, he said, “I found someone walking their dog, and you usually walk. Was out of orbit, so it’s not too unexpected. “

Her death was only months after the murder of Sarah Evalard, who was kidnapped in Clapham, south of London, and only a few months after her sisters Bever Henry and Nicole Smallman were murdered in a park in Wembley, north of London. It’s been over a year.

Lawyers argued that the streets of the capital were safe for women and that executives were listening to concerns.

He said, “The streets are safe for women. I want to reassure the people around me. I want people to be able to roam freely without fear. And my officers ensure that it happens. increase. .”

He added that the Metropolitan Museum of Art has changed its approach to cracking down on violent crimes against women following these murders. It’s very safe and we patrol to ensure it.

“This is not just a police issue. There are many issues that can help people feel at ease in open spaces. We work with our partners to make sure they do it.”

Downing Street said the prime minister’s idea was with Nessa’s family and friends.

A spokesman for Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: I say I introduced a strategy for violence against women and girls earlier this year. “

He added that Metropolitan Police Department officers would attend a rally planned for Nessa on Friday.

According to officials, Nessa was killed on her way out of Astel Road’s home to the Depot Bar in Pegler Square, Kidbrook Village, around 8:30 pm last Friday.

Her body was found on Saturday at about 5:30 pm near the OneSpace Community Center on Kidbrook Park Road, Royal Greenwich.

“Sabina has never arrived at the pub and is believed to have been killed while walking in the park,” the unit said.

Postmortem examinations performed on Monday were inconclusive.

It came because London Mayor Sadiq Khan said violence against women should be treated with the same level of priority as counterterrorism after the killing of Sabina Nessa.

Kahn told the PA press on Thursday morning: Just outlaw misogyny, make it a hate crime, make harassment of women in public a criminal offense, and ensure that police have the support they need to deal with violence against women and girls. Rather, the criminal justice service ensures that this is provided by the seriousness it deserves.

“I think this deserves the same priority as counterterrorism. I agree with the inspector who called it epidemic.

“I think this is an epidemic. People like me who didn’t have to live the experience of women and girls listen to the experience of women and girls and work with them to address this terrible problem. I think it’s very important to stand up. “

“I’m in close contact with the Metropolitan Police Department and my thoughts and prayers are with Sabina Nessa’s family. What happened to Sabina last Friday is terrible. Bever Henry, Nicole Smallman , It’s a pain when thinking about Sarah Evalard. “

For information, please call the police at 0208 7214266 or Crimestoppers at 0800555111 anonymously.

Laura Parnaby