Sailors “disliked” the Navy’s $ 1.2 billion amphibious assault ship: warrant




A 20-year-old sailor who had a grudge against the U.S. Navy and failed to become a Navy seal under his belt has been accused of burning an amphibious assault ship and inflicting $ 30 million alone on the Navy. ..

according to NCIS Search Warrant Affidavit Obtained by The Daily Beast, Ryan Sawyer Maze raised suspicion of investigators almost immediately after 40,000 tonnes USS Bonhomme Richard It burned on July 12, 2020, burning for nearly five days, leaving dozens of injured people involved in extinguishing the fierce flames.

Previously unidentified Maze faces allegations of arson, use of fire to damage federal property, and false statements within the jurisdiction of special maritime and territorial territories. The warrant states. If the Navy instead proceeded with a court martial, Maze would be prosecuted for worsening arson and the deliberate danger of the vessel, a Navy spokesman said. We couldn’t ask for comment because Maze doesn’t have a lawyer listed in court records.

Admiral Mike Gildi, Chief of Naval Operations, said the 14-deck ship was set on fire after it began in the cargo hold last summer, with temperatures exceeding 1,000 degrees Celsius.Fire on Bonhomme RichardWaiting for a $ 250 million upgrade at the time, it was finally tamed by about 400 sailors from 16 ships, helicopters dropping water on fire, the Naval Base San Diego Fire Department, and numerous private fire departments in the surrounding cities. it was done.

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The USS Bonhomme Richard fire lasted for five days.

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The USS Bonhomme Richard fire lasted for five days.

U.S. Navy

All decks on the waterline were damaged and no deaths or serious injuries were reported, but 71 were treated for injuries or smoke least 18 firefighters filed workers’ accident compensation claims after the fireAbove all, specify that you are suffering from concussion, orthopedic problems, and dehydration.

NCIS investigators Bonhomme Richard.. One person reported seeing a “thin-skinned man” in clean coveralls and a face mask carrying a metal bucket to the lower V at the rear of the ship, but did not recognize the person in question. did. But then, a sailor named Kenji Velasco in a search warrant affidavit “referenced a sailor named Maze who” hates “the US Navy and the fleet,” Filing said.

In a further interview, Velasco said he was “quite confident” and “90% confident” when he saw Maze descend on Lower V before the fire broke out. He also said that the firefighting equipment in the area appeared to have been tampered with.

“Verasco also said that the person who descended to V below at 0805 on the day of the fire, hours after the fire, was Maze’s height and physique and had fair-skinned hair that could be seen coming. He explained that it was dawn. He came out of his cover like Maze, sounded like Maze, and said, “I love the deck.” This is an expression that Velasco knew what Maze said, “said the affidavit, and other sailors also seemed to investigators that the person in question was Maze based on his outfit and language, and commanded. “We have identified Maze as an authority and a disdain for the US Navy,” said the Master Chief.

Investigators checked Maze’s current private Instagram account and found a post stating, “I love the smell of morning napalm.” The affidavit explains. According to Maze’s service records, he joined the Navy in 2019 “for training in the field of advanced electronics” and then “changed his career goal to a Navy seal.” However, five days after starting SEAL training, Maze dropped out and Bonhomme Richard As an “undesignated sailor”.

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“According to Navy leadership, the morale and actions of seafarers who aspire to become SEAL and then realize that they are playing a more traditional role on Navy vessels are often very difficult,” the affidavit stated. The book states.

Maze was arrested after telling investigators that she was willing to undergo a polygraph test. According to the warrant, Maze was subsequently charged with herself in front of two senior Navy-designated sailors. He denied commenting later, denied involvement in the arson, and claimed to be “ready.”

Investigators also delved into Maze’s private life and found some warning signs. In the first 10-hour interview, after telling the investigator that she had recently left the female sailor because she discovered she was pregnant and not her father, the investigator said in question, “This is by a female sailor. I later learned that it was almost inconsistent. ” The warrant said.

The sailor told everyone that Maze was pregnant and said he would “become a father,” but he had never been pregnant, even if he had a pregnancy test to prove it. He told the investigator that he had revealed it to him.

It was not clear whether the sequence of events was believed to have pushed Maze to the arson suspect. NCIS investigators confiscated Maze’s iPhone, searched his car and apartment, wiped his cheeks and searched for DNA samples. So far, Maze’s DNA does not match the DNA found in the field.

Last November, the Navy Bonhomme Richard Considering an estimate of $ 3.2 billion in repair costs. The cost of this ship was about $ 750 million when it was built in 1998 and about $ 1.2 billion by today’s standards. According to the affidavit, the investigation is ongoing.

For more information, see The Daily Beast.

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