Saki tears a male reporter on an abortion question


White House spokesman Jen Psaki counterattacked a male reporter who, despite Catholicism, questioned President Joe Biden’s support for legal abortion.

“Although his own Catholic faith teaches that abortion is morally wrong,” Owen Jensen, a reporter for the EWTN Global Catholic Network, asked Biden about his position on abortion.

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“It’s a woman’s right. It’s a woman’s body and it’s her choice,” she said Thursday. “I know you have never faced those choices or become pregnant, but for women who face those choices, this is very difficult. The president respects his rights. I believe it should be. “

According to Pusaki, the White House has refused to block Texas’s measures to ban abortion after six weeks, regardless of whether the baby became pregnant by rape or incest, in other states. Will pass the “imitation” law.

“He will tell them,’I asked my team to use all their free levers to ensure you have this right,'” she said in Texas. Said Biden’s message to the woman.

Byden, a devout Catholic who opposed abortion in the past and upheld a ban on taxpayer funding for hide amendments until 2019, told the White House Gender Policy Council and the Justice Department on Thursday that “the entire government. “Relaxing the Supreme Court’s decisions, including the Department of Health and Human Services and the Ministry of Justice,” which announced that it had instructed them to begin “efforts,” said Pusaki, who did not give them a deadline to report. ..

According to Saki, the president “was eager to sign the law” on a bill codifying the Roe v. Wade case, a 1973 Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion nationwide. However, she added, the White House was still considering the proposed women’s health protection legislation.

Saki did not avoid the word “abortion” during the briefing, and Biden did not avoid it in two statements regarding the Supreme Court’s decision on his behalf.

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“The most important value people have to see is what the president does, what he does and what he fights for,” Pusaki said when asked about their language choices. “I don’t think there is any further evaluation.”

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