Samsung announces a single 512GB DDR5 memory based on HKMG technology

Samsung 512GB DDR5


Samsung’s memory development has made new progress. Earlier they officially announced that the capacity of a single 512GB of new DDR5. It is based on HKMG technology (High-K Metal Gate, high dielectric metal gate), and the speed can reach 7,200Mbps, which is more than twice that of DDR4. With the blessing of TSV through silicon via technology, it successfully stacked 8 layers of 16Gb DRAM chips together, and 32 DRAMs were added together to make up a capacity of 512GB.

In 2018, Samsung was the first to enable HKMG technology on the GDDR6 chip for GPU. It uses hafnium instead of silicon, and replaces conventional polysilicon with metal to create the gate. The advantage of this design is that it can achieve higher chip density, reduce leakage, and further reduce power consumption. According to Samsung’s test, chips using HKMG technology will save power by 13% compared to non-HKMG products.

This advantage is very suitable for data centers, supercomputers, machine learning and other application scenarios. According to Samsung’s press release, Intel also revealed that the 512GB DDR5 memory will be suitable for its next-generation Sapphire Rapids Xeon Scalable processor. Its architecture will include an 8-channel DDR5 memory controller, which is expected to reach a speed of 460GB/s in conjunction with Samsung’s products. As for the general consumer market, it is estimated that AMD will have to wait until 2022 after AMD announces the Zen 4 platform that supports DDR5 before it can slowly increase its popularity.