Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 / Flip 3 system functions will be delegated to previous generation phones


Samsung One UI 3.1.1

Samsung One UI 3.1.1

After the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 / Flip 3 came out, do users of previous models really want to change their phones? Wait a minute, Samsung is ready to allow users of the original Fold, Fold 2, Flip and Flip 5G to upgrade the new version of the system One UI 3.1.1 to experience software functions that can make better use of the features of the folding screen.

Among them, the Fold series with large screens will naturally have the most new features. Multi-Active Window that displays up to three windows at the same time, App Split View that is more like a computer interface, forcibly adjusts the app’s display scale and rotates the screen, and can also synchronize the layout of the internal and external screens.

Although the Flip series can have relatively few new functions, it will also introduce the functions of dragging content, pinning frequently used apps to the shortcut toolbar, etc., and the Flex mode will also have a media control tool interface.

Samsung said that relevant updates will be pushed to previous generation Fold / Flip users one after another, and the original Fold will need to wait an extra week. You can first experience these new features for the folding machine, whether it can run well on the current models, and then it will not be too late to upgrade.