Samsung SmartThings will be updated soon, adding anti-unknown SmartTag tracking function



Earlier Samsung announced that its SmartThings IoT platform is about to usher inUpdate, And improvements are basically focused on SmartTag. The most important change is the addition of an “Unknown Tag Search” function for tags. It can detect unknown SmartTags that follow you to move, remind you to find out and notify the original owner, or reduce the possibility of being tracked by people who are unscrupulous (Apple’s new AirTag also has this feature). At the same time, after the update, you can find SmartTag through Bixby’s voice commands, giving users one more operation choice.

According to Samsung’s plan, the updates will be gradually pushed to users’ devices starting from next week. In addition, the official also revealed that currently 70 million devices have joined the SmartThings Find network. Considering that there are more than 700 million Galaxy devices on the market that are potential users, SmartThings Find should have a lot of room for growth in the future.